Best White Salon Reception Desk: Create The Perfect Focal Point For Your Salon

A chic white salon reception desk is the first thing your clients see when they come to your salon.

A great first impression is extremely important. So a good looking desk is totally worth the investment.

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks
Mayakoba Sonoma Glass DisplaysonomaglassAn elegant desk with a glass display and a lot of storageCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba SonomasonomawhMayakoba Sonoma without the glass display, but with some leg roomCHECK ON AMAZON
GW QT-108QT-108-2A compact modern deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Revival IIvictorianA Victorian Revival deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Star FerrystarferrysmA gorgeous LED-illuminated desk with metal feetCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir AlexalexA beautiful luxury curved deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir GeorgiangeorgianA Georgian Revival deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir GattinogattinoA modern desk with a huge LED panelCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir OrsacchiottoorsasmThe smallest oneCHECK ON AMAZON
Linea Italia ZUS290lineaA compact L-shaped deskCHECK ON AMAZON

A white salon reception desk gives off a clean high-end look and makes your reception area stand out from the rest.

It really shows that you have a luxury salon.

And it’s a perfect focal point for the entire room.

Also, if most of your salon’s interior is white then your reception desk should, of course, be white too.

A salon reception desk is also necessary to process transactions and book new appointments.

Here is the list of the best, most comfortable and functional white salon reception desks.

Mayakoba Sonoma White Salon Reception Desk With A Glass Display

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

This beautiful luxury white salon reception desk is really high end.

It has an elegant modern design with brushed aluminum accents.

The color is super white.

So chic!

The top surface of the Mayakoba Sonoma desk has an off-white granite finish that looks like marble.

There is a front glass display for polishes and other products offered in your salon.

The display is framed with a molding and has 2 adjustable glass shelves.

You can access the display area from the back of the desk by opening two sliding doors.


Mayakoba Sonoma has a large desk area and plenty of storage space.

There are two drawers under the desk surface.

There are also two top side cabinets.

The right side one is lockable and has an open slot.

Two tall bottom side cabinets offer even more room for storage with adjustable shelves installed in each of them.

The measurements of the desk are: 60″(W) x 20″(D) x 45″(H).

MAYAKOBA Sonoma Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

This Mayakoba Sonoma reception desk is quite similar to the Sonoma desk with a glass display.

However, this desk doesn’t have the display area and only has two tall side cabinets with adjustable shelves and two drawers.

There are no small side cabinets, no locking drawers, and no keyboard slide-out.

But this desk looks really beautiful with a glossy white finish and silver metal accents.


And there is plenty of room for legs below the drawers because that area is not taken by any shelves.

So it’s very comfortable for seating at.

The dimensions of this unit are: : 60″(W) x 20″(D) x 45″(H).

GW QT-108 White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

This modern reception desk is very well made and looks high-end and elegant.

It’s also very compact and fits into any tight space.

Ideal for a small salon!

It’s the tiniest desk in GW’s line.

Just 35″(W) x 27″(D) x 44″(H).

The countertop is made of artificial quartz that has a marble finish.

The white desk has brushed stainless steel trimming and glossy finish.

Even though it’s so compact it has enough storage space with two locking drawers.

The desk does not come pre-assembled, but you can order the expert assembly service for an extra fee.

You can also add an LED lights strip along the front surface to enhance the desk’s looks.

Dir Revival II White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

Dir means Dream In Reality.

The company specializes in fine salon furniture.

Their Revival II is a magnificent Victorian-style wooden reception desk.

It’s called Revival because revival-style furniture was very popular during the Victorian era.

Design elements were taken from various time periods, such as Rococo, and modified.

Dir Revival is absolutely perfect for a luxury beauty salon.

This Victorian desk has a smooth curved shape, rounded corners, and exquisite carved wooden details.

Breathtakingly beautiful!

It would be a great focal point for your salon and you’ll surely get a lot of compliments for it!

Revival II has a lacquered finish, so it’s very easy to clean.

This white reception desk has a glass front panel illuminated with LED lights. You can place a vinyl logo of your salon there.


The desk is not only beautiful but also functional.

There is a large working surface, a keyboard slide-out tray, two large storage cabinets, and two drawers.

One of the drawers is lockable.


Dir Revival II is very well built and pretty heavy (over 300 pounds).

Its measurements are: 55″(W) x 43 1/4″(H) x 20″(D).

There is also some space for the legs in the back of the desk: the hight between the floor and the keyboard pull-out is 27″.

Dir Star Ferry Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

Dir Star Ferry is a sleek contemporary curved desk. It’s ideal for a modern salon interior.

It’s an elegant wooden reception counter with a glossy white finish and 5 chrome metal legs.

There is a string of white LED lights running along the curved front surface of the desk.

You can turn the lights on or off by pushing a button by the left-side drawer, near the keyboard slide-out.

The LED lighting system has a 20″ long cord that you can plug into an outlet. The cord is pretty short so you may need an extension cord to reach the outlet.


Dir Star Ferry has a large working surface and a lockable drawer for personal belongings on one side.


There is also a keyboard slide-out tray on the other side and two open shelves below.

Since it has shelves on the back, you won’t be able to put your legs under the desk when sitting. But you can still pull a chair up close.

The dimensions of Star Ferry are: 50″(W) x 43.5″(H) x 24″(D).

It’s not too big and not too small, but it’s compact enough to fit a tight salon space.

The desk comes fully assembled and ready to use.

You only have to install the metal legs.

They are optional so you don’t have to install them if you don’t want to.

They just look pretty and make the desk a bit higher.

Dir Alex White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

This classy and elegant pure white salon reception desk looks amazing for a luxury place.

It’s a handcrafted wooden desk with a white glossy finish. It has curved edges and delicate lines.

The front of the unit has a tempered frosted glass panel with an LED lighting system.

The lights are standard cool white ones.

A front glass shelf is included for optional usage in the glass display area.

The counter surface is quite large, and more than enough for payment processing and working with customers.


The back of the Alex desk has a large working area and a lot of storage space. Including two side cabinets, two drawers, and a keyboard slide-out. One of the drawers has a lock.

This piece of furniture is pretty large but fits into a tight space quite well. Its dimensions are: 52″(W) x 44″(H) x 20.5″(D).

Like all other Dir products, it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Dir Georgian White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

Here is another Revival-style reception desk in Dir’s line of salon furniture.

This time it’s a sophisticated Georgian design.

The Georgian era was the golden age of beautiful furniture.

And this white reception desk is a perfect fit for a luxury beauty salon.

The desk is made of wood with a white painted finish.

It has silver design accents and an oval LED lighted glass front panel.

Dir Georgian white salon reception desk has a high counter area for the customers to pay and sign at.


There is a large working space behind the counter, with storage drawers and cabinets, and a lockable built-in drawer.

One of the cabinets is closed, and the other one is an open cabinet.

There is also a keyboard slide-out tray for additional comfort and a storage shelf below the slide-out.

You can’t take the shelf out, but you can still sit comfortably at the desk if you don’t stretch your legs too far.

The Georgian desk comes fully assembled out of the box.

It’s a chic and elegant piece of furniture with the following measurements: 21.7″(D) x 45.7″(W) x 43.9″(H).

Dir Gattino White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

This sleek, stylish and modern wooden reception desk is perfect for smaller spaces. It’s pretty compact.

The measurements are 63″(W) and 25″(D). The height is 33.5″ from floor to the long wooden counter, 43″ from floor to the tall glass counter.

The desk has a glossy white painted finish and a large tempered frosted glass front panel, illuminated with white LED lights.

You can put a large vinyl logo of your business in the center of the glass panel.

A great focal point for any salon!

This desk is very good looking and functional.

There is also a glass shelf on top of the desk that can serve as an additional display area.


And the counter is very large and wide, with ample working space for such a small unit.

The compact Gattino desk has a lot of storage space in the back.

You get two side cabinets, one open and one closed, a keyboard sliding shelf, a shelf below the keyboard slide-out, and two drawers.

One of the drawers has a lock.

And there is a nice and useful cable grommet holder installed on this desk to keep your electrical cords neat.

As with all desks that have shelves in the back, there is no extra room for legs if you pull a chair too close to the desk.

This desk arrives partially assembled, with most parts already installed, so it requires some putting together. But still, it’s very easy to assemble.

Dir Orsacchiotto White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks

Dir Orsacchiotto is a super-compact glossy white salon reception desk that can fit the smallest beauty salon space.

The dimensions are just: 25″(W) x 42″(H) x 15.5″(D).


It’s the smallest desk in Dir’s collection, but it has everything you need: a large working area, a sliding keyboard tray, quite a lot of storage space in the cabinets below the counter.

The front surface looks absolutely beautiful!

It has a large tempered frosted glass front panel illuminated with white LED lights.

The front of the desk even has a little display area for upselling products at your salon.

This unit also comes pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Linea Italia ZUS290 White Salon Reception Desk

White salon reception desk, White salon reception desks
Linea Italia

This modern curved desk has a termofused white laminate finish with a silver-colored metal frame.

The desk is really compact and you can buy it for a small salon. It will fit any space.

This unit is actually a segment module.

You can buy several units and join them to make a larger reception desk.

For example, joining 5 pieces will produce a large round desk for a vast reception area.

However, this desk only has a full length 20″ deep counter with a wire routing notch inside.

There are no drawers, no locking drawers, no storage cabinets, no keyboard pull-out tray.

You can buy it just as a separate compact and good looking desk or as a module for a bigger desk. But it won’t provide any storage space.

The measurements of this unit are 72″(W)x32″(D)x46″(H).

It’s easy to assemble, no tools required.

How to choose a white salon reception desk

The reception desk for a salon is the first thing every visitor sees when they come in.

So it must be consistent with the overall look and feel of your salon.

Style and color

You can choose a sleek modern desk or a Revival unit, that borrows some elements of style from the past.

For example, Victorian, Rococo, or Georgian.

If your salon has a chic boutique-style where the customer feels like a princess, then a Revival desk is ideal for you.

If it’s a high tech salon then a contemporary-style piece would be perfect.

Of course, you should choose a desk that matches the color of the rest of your salon.

So if most of the furniture in your salon is white you should get a white salon reception desk.

Square or curved

You can also choose between square desks and curved desks with rounded corners.

This also depends on the overall style of other furniture in your salon.

And curved units are ideal for placing in the corner if you prefer that placement in your salon layout or simply don’t have enough space.

Finish and details

The finish of the desk is also important for the overall look.

It must be consistent with the materials used in the salon decor and in the other furniture pieces at your salon.

Some desks have frosted glass panels, marble countertops, carved wooden details, moldings.

These details could be the right decor accents for your interior.

LED lighting

LED lighting is a very nice detail that can beautify your desk and make it stand out.

You can also place a vinyl logo of your salon on the illuminated glass panel for the maximum impact.

Display area

There are desks that offer a front display area with shelves behind glass.

It’s a great feature for upselling beauty products at your salon.

You can put nail polishes, cosmetics, shampoos, and other items in that display area.

Salon space

If your salon is small and you don’t have a lot of space then your best bet is a compact salon reception desk.

If you have a lot of space then you can choose a larger unit or even make a huge round reception desk from 5 individual segment modules, like the one Linea Italia is offering.

Storage space

Your choice of desk also depends on how much storage you need.

Do you need a lot of shelves, drawers, and cabinets? Should they be open or closed?

Also, do you need a lockable drawer for personal belongings or cash?

Comfort and function

The desk should not be too high or too low. Its height is an important comfort factor.

It’s also important to decide on the construction of the desk. Will your employees be sitting or standing behind it?

And if they’ll be sitting then the desk should have a working area on the back and some space below, where they can put their legs if they pull a chair close to the desk.

Some units don’t have that space because it’s taken by a front display area or by storage shelves.

Some desks also have a convenient keyboard slide-out tray, a switch for LED lights, and a grommet for electric cords.

These added functions may be important for the comfort of your employees.

Easy assembly

Thankfully, most salon reception desks arrive pre-assembled and ready to use. Or at least mostly assembled and easy to put together.

I hope that by using this list you’ll be able to select a perfect white salon reception desk that would become a great focal point for your place.

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