What Color Nail Polish Goes With A Burgundy Dress?

In this post, let’s take a look at what color of nail polish goes with the burgundy dress color.

Burgundy is a rich wine color with red and purple undertones. It’s also a common shade for makeup, clothing, and accessories.

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It’s a pretty classic color, and you can wear it with just about anything.

Burgundy is perfect for dresses. It’s elegant and looks amazing on any fabric.

What color nail polish goes with a burgundy dress?

What color nail polish goes with a burgundy dress

Of course, the first nail polish color that goes with a burgundy dress is burgundy.

Wearing a burgundy nail polish with a matching dress is a classy way to accessorize your look and add a nice finishing touch to your outfit.

If you’re going for a more subdued burgundy look, the same color of polish would work perfectly.

You could choose a burgundy polish that’s close to the color of your dress or a little more toned down.

What other nail polish colors go with a burgundy dress

The other option is to choose a different color of polish to make your look even more interesting.

For this, we can use colors that are analogous to burgundy or complement this hue on the color wheel.

What is a color wheel?

What color nail polish goes with a burgundy dress

The color wheel is a simple representation of the color spectrum.

It was invented by Sir Isaac Newton, a famous British physicist, mathematician, and astronomer, who lived between 1643 and 1727.

He was the first person to recognize that every color can be made up of three different colors, which were called primary colors.

Later Newton defined white as the sum of all the primary colors.

The wheel shows all the colors in the visible spectrum, from violet at the bottom to yellow at the top.

Where is burgundy on the color wheel?

Burgundy is located in the middle of the color wheel. It’s a medium-to-dark shade of red-purple.

You can either use analogous colors from the color wheel that will go with your burgundy dress or complementary colors.

Analogous colors

If two colors are close to each other on the color wheel they are called analogous.

The analogous colors to burgundy are red and purple.

For example, if you’re wearing a burgundy dress, you could wear a deep red polish.

Complementary colors

The complementary colors to burgundy are green and blue. They are opposites on the color wheel.

And the best complementary nail polish color to burgundy is turquoise that is between green and blue.

Other colors

Burgundy also looks great with grays like light gray and charcoal gray.

Golden yellow and umber are lovely combinations too.

If you’re looking for a more vibrant polish, you could go for the metallic effect.

You can wear a gold or silver metallic nail polish, or choose a metallic polish that has a color that’s close to the hue of your dress.

Best nail polish color that goes with a burgundy dress

I’ve picked out some of my favorite nail polishes that would look amazing with a burgundy dress.

1. OPI Infinite Shine Stick to Your Burgundies

If you’re looking for a classy nail polish that looks great with burgundy, you can’t go wrong with OPI Infinite Shine.

It’s a lovely dark wine-colored polish and it looks stunning.

The color is a little more vibrant than a lot of other nail polishes.

Plus, it has a beautiful shine.

So it’s a perfect match for a burgundy dress.

2. Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Vegan Nail Polish, 190 Seize The Minute

This quick-drying nail polish in red is another great choice for a burgundy dress.

It’s a gorgeous color that is analogous to burgundy on the color wheel.

This beautiful bright red polish looks so glamorous!

Plus, this polish dries quickly and it’s vegan, which makes it an ethical and eco-friendly option.

3. Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish, Reflection Pool

Turquoise is a complementary shade to burgundy on the color wheel.

So this turquoise nail polish is a perfect match for a burgundy dress.

Sally Hansen Reflection Pool has a unique metallic turquoise/purple gradient sheen.

It’s a perfect nail polish for a party or a night out.

4. VENALISA Gel Nail Polish, 12ml Gold Glitter Color

This gorgeous gold metallic glitter nail polish will be an amazing addition to your burgundy dress.

It’s absolutely perfect for a night out or, for example, a Christmas party.

Venalisa is a gel nail polish that requires UV light to dry.

However, its advantage is that it’s very long-lasting and can stay on your nails chip-free for at least 2-3 weeks.

5. China Glaze Nail Polish, Concrete Catwalk

This asphalt gray nail polish is a fantastic option for a burgundy dress.

It’s a perfect shade for autumn/winter.

This polish is not too dark or bright and will match any accessories that you choose.

So here were the best nail polish colors that go with a burgundy dress. I hope you find this little guide useful.

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