Best Small Salon Reception Desk For A Tight Space: Make An Amazing First Impression!

A salon reception desk is the first piece of furniture and interior decor your clients see when they enter your salon. And, as everyone knows, first impressions do count!

You don’t have to own a huge space full of large and heavy furniture for your place to look luxurious and professional. If you have a small salon you can still make a great first impression, because there are quite a few beautiful and functional small salon reception desks. And I’d love to share them with you!

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Dir OrsacchiottoBeauty Salon Reception Desk All Purpose Reception Desk Reception Counter with Illumination Lights - Orsacchiotto -WhiteThe smallest oneCHECK ON AMAZON
GW QT-108Small Modern Gloss White Reception Desk with Quartz Counter TOP (Desk Fully Installed in Box)The second smallest oneCHECK ON AMAZON
J&A Glass TopJ & A Glass Top Reception Desk for Salons & Spas, JA-DP-RECPA compact desk with two glass countersCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba AleraReception Desk ALERA Office Counter Reception, Modern Waiting Room Reception Furniture & EquipmentA compact desk with a display areaCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir LangaraDIR Led Illuminated Reception Desk Reception Area Counter - Langara - Metoer Black (with Sparkles)A modern desk with a lot of storageCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Star FerryReception Desk All Purpose Reception Counter Reception Area Desk with Illuminating Led Lights - Star FerryA gorgeous LED-illuminated desk with metal feetCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir JanusLED Illuminated Curved Reception Desk Reception Area Counter - Janus - Black/Silver (Center Desk Only)A space-saving L-shaped deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Puresana130030 48' RECEPTION DESK-BLACKA simple budget deskCHECK ON AMAZON

Dir Orsacchiotto Small Salon Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


Dir (Dream in Reality) is a manufacturer of fine salon furniture. They make several models of compact and beautiful salon reception desks.

Dir Orsacchiotto is the tiniest desk in their line of furniture, and at the same time it’s very functional.

It also has a lot of storage space for such a small piece of furniture.

The measurements:

This desk is just 25”(W) x 42”(H) x 15.5”(D).

It can fit into any tight space and be a great focal point for a small salon.

Orsacchiotto means a “little bear” in Italian. And this name suits the unit really well.

Orsacchiotto salon reception desk is absolutely gorgeous.

It’s got a simple modern design and comes in a white or black glossy finish.

It also has a big tempered frosted glass panel that covers almost the entire front surface of the desk.

The glass panel has white LED illumination lights.

There is a small LED illuminated display shelf below the counter in front of glass panel. You can put polishes or any other products you want to offer for sale at your salon on that shelf.

Orsacchiotto has all the functions of a large reception desk fit into a very small unit.

It will be pretty convenient for your employees.

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks

The reverse side of the desk hides a big working surface and a keyboard slide-out tray.

There are two large cabinets that provide a lot of storage space.

You won’t have any additional drawers, locking drawers or room for legs under the counter (if you pull a chair very close to the desk), but all that space is occupied with the storage cabinets.

This desk arrives already assembled. So it’s easy to install in your salon right after you receive it.

GW QT-108 Small Modern Gloss White Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


GW (Golden Wind) is another manufacturer of salon furniture.

This desk is just a bit bigger than Dir Orsacchiotto.

It’s very compact.

Only 35″(W) x 27″(D) x 44″(H).

It will surely fit into the tiniest salon space.

It’s the smallest desk manufactured by GW, but it’s so beautiful and elegant!

Very high-end!

The desk has a sleek modern design, white glossy finish, and stainless-steel trimming.

QT-108 has a very pretty looking top counter with an artificial marble finish. It’s a convenient place for client checkout.

Unlike Orsacchiotto, GW QT-108 doesn’t come in black and there is no glass panel or a display area at the front.

This desk doesn’t have any LED lighting installed, but you can buy an LED strip and attach it yourself.

There are no storage cabinets, but QT-108 has two locking drawers, which is a big plus.

You can always keep your belongings safe.

There is also an open shelf below the drawers.

The desk comes without assembly, but you can pay extra for the expert assembly service.

J&A Glass Top Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


J&A salon reception desk is 9″ longer than GW QT-108.

But it’s so small in depth, just 17″ inches!

The dimensions: 44”(W) x 17”(D) x 40″(H).

So it’s a very compact piece of furniture that would be ideal even for a tiny salon.

It’s a high quality brown wooden desk with two floating glass top counters.

The smaller one is for your customers and the bigger one is a nice working surface for the salon receptionist.

Surprisingly, the desk has a lot of storage space in the back.

There are 2 spacious cabinets, 2 convenient drawers, and 2 middle open shelves.

Of course, that doesn’t leave any room for legs, but this piece is not deep enough for that anyway.

J&A desk has a sleek modern look, accentuated by a decorative front metal panel with nickel finish.

Mayakoba Alera Small Salon Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


This modern desk is 21 inches wider than the small Orsacchiotto desk I’ve reviewed above. But it’s still pretty compact: 20″(D) x 46.5″(W) x 42.5″(H).

The desk is made of hardwood veneer and has a glass counter for customer checkout.

It’s most notable feature is a huge glass display case with two shelves and two sliding doors in the back.

The display area basically takes all the space available inside this desk.

So there is no more room left for storage.

The desk does not have any cabinets, drawers or keyboard trays.

It only has a pretty big working area in the back and a narrow top glass counter.

But if an ample display area for upselling products is more important for your salon than a lot of storage then this Mayakoba Alera is ideal for you.

It’s got the largest display case of all the small reception desks available on Amazon.

Dir Langara Salon Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


Dir Langara is the second smallest salon reception desk by Dream in Reality Group.

However, it’s two times wider than Dir Orsacchiotto desk: 48”(W) x 20”(D) x 43”(H).

It still can fit a small salon.

On the plus side, it has a lot more storage space and much more working surface.

There is a narrow top counter for the clients to make payments at.

DIR Led Illuminated Reception Desk Reception Area Counter - Langara - Metoer Black (with Sparkles)

And there is a working surface on the back.

The desk has a lot of storage space though.

There are a cabinet and a drawer on one side, and 4 drawers on the other side, a keyboard tray under the working counter on the back, and a small shelf under that tray.

The shelf is fixed, so you won’t be able to stretch your legs too far.

Langara is a square modern reception desk that comes in black and gray.

It’s got a glossy durable PVC laminate finish and aluminum accents.

The desk looks really chic and has a string of LED lights going across the front surface.

As all Dir reception desks, Langara also comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

Dir Star Ferry Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


Dir Star Ferry is about the same size as Dir Langara salon reception desk, only two inches wider: 50”(W) x 43.5”(H) x 24”(D).

So it still can fit into a tight space. Ideal for a small luxury salon.

This desk has a sleek modern design, curved lines, and a nice oval shape, which makes it look very elegant.

So beautiful!

The wooden Star Ferry desk comes in black and white with a glossy finish.

It’s illuminated with a string of white LED lights along the front surface.

Dir Star Ferry also includes four curved chrome metal legs, which are optional.

You can install them if you want, and that will make your desk a bit higher.

Reception Desk All Purpose Reception Counter Reception Area Desk with Illuminating Led Lights - Star Ferry

There is a wide working surface in the back of the desk, along with one lockable drawer, a keyboard pull-out tray, and two large open shelves.

Star Ferry has no additional room for legs because of those shelves and no closed cabinets.

You can use the pre-assembled desk right out of the box, you just have to install the 4 curved legs if you want.

Dir Janus Salon Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


Dir Janus is not the smallest reception desk on this list.

But it’s a curved L-shaped desk, and can be installed in a corner.

That way you can save a lot of space.

Janus desk’s measurements are: 39.4″(D) x 57″(W) x 42.1″(H).

The length is measured along the curve, so the real width of this unit is less than 57″.

This modern desk looks very elegant and sleek with a black high gloss surface and built-in white LED lights both at the top and at the base. The surface is easy to clean.

LED Illuminated Curved Reception Desk Reception Area Counter - Janus - Black/Silver (Center Desk Only)

There is a large counter for the clients, where they can check out and make payments. And a lot of working and storage space at the back, with several open shelves and a lockable drawer.

You can buy additional Dir side display and storage cabinets for this model if needed.

This desk comes already assembled out of the box too.

Puresana Small Salon Reception Desk

Small salon reception desk, Small salon reception desks


Puresana is a simple budget traditional style reception desk, but it has everything you need.

It’s not super-compact, it’s about the same size as Dir Langara, and twice as big as the smallest Dir Orsacchiotto desk.

The measurements are: 42″(H) x 48″(W) x 24″(D).

It’s not super beautiful but looks good for the price. Just a simple black square-shaped reception desk. Without any glossy finish, marble or LED lights.

But if you need function more than form or are on a tight budget then this desk is for you.

This desk has a small counter for the customer to check out and make payments at. And there is a pretty large working surface on the back, a locking drawer, a side cabinet, and one adjustable shelf.

If you place that shelf high enough then you’ll have ample room to stretch your legs, which is a big plus.

Puresana desk comes with a detailed instructions manual and extra hardware.

Since it’s a budget unit you’ll either have to assemble it yourself or pay extra for expert assembly.

How to choose a small salon reception desk

There aren’t too many compact salon reception desks on the market, but the ones that I’ve listed here are really high quality and beautiful.

When choosing a reception desk you have to be sure that it would make a perfect focal point for your salon.

This is the first thing your guests would encounter when they come in.

So a reception desk has to fit your salon’s style and color.

And one of the most important things you need to consider is how much space it would occupy.

Of course, a small reception desk would fit any tight space nicely.


Some desks only come in one color, some have several color options.

The most common shades are white, black, and gray.

Choose a hue that coordinates with the colors of all the other furniture in your salon.


All the little salon reception desks I’ve been able to find are made in the sleek modern style.

Revival (Victorian, Georgian, etc) units are always large and solid.

So if you want a small salon reception desk then contemporary style is your best bet.

Many desks have a nice glossy finish and shiny metal details that make them look more expensive.

You may consider buying a high-end desk for a luxury salon, or a simple budget one if a chic look is not too important for your business.

Most desks I’ve listed in this article have a straight square or only slightly rounded construction.

But one desk, Dir Janus, is a curved L-shaped desk that you can install in the corner and save even more space.

LED lights

Some desks have LED lighting installed on their front surface that enhances their appearance.

Only one small salon reception desk on this list has an uplit product display area available for upselling various beauty products to salon customers.

It’s the Dir Orsacchiotto desk.


Don’t expect too much leg room under the counter in most compact units.

That space is usually occupied by storage cabinets, drawers or shelves.

So you have to sacrifice some comfort for function.


Not enough storage space in a desk can be a deal-breaker for some people.

Most desks have at least a few open shelves and drawers installed, while other desks even have storage cabinets.

You may also want a keyboard slide-out tray and a lockable drawer for cash and other valuables to come with your desk.


If you don’t want to do the assembly yourself then either choose a pre-assembled desk or a manufacturer that offers an additional assembly service.

A small salon reception desk can be a great focal point in a tight space, and boost the image of your business.

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