Pedicure Trolley Cart Buying Guide: Get The Best Pedicure Cart For Your Salon

A mobile pedicure trolley cart or a pedicure cart with footrest is an absolute must-have for any salon that does pedicure.

When you are working you don’t want to get up to reach your tools or supplies. You’ve got to have everything at your fingertips. So you need a storage unit to hold all your tools.

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Mayakoba AleraPedicure Trolley Pedicure Cart ALERA Pedi Cart Nail Salon Furniture & EquipmentCompact and lightweightCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba SonomaMAYAKOBA Sonoma Rolling Pedicure Trolley Manicure Storage Cart for Pedicure Spa, Nail Salon Furniture & Equipment, Marble Top, Luxe White/Silver AccentsLuxury-lookingCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba Avon IMAYAKOBA AVON Rolling Pedicure Trolley for Pedicure Spa, Nail SalonBeautiful hardwood veneer finishCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba Verona IIPedicure Trolley Pedicure Cart VERONA II Salon Furniture & EquipmentSleek two-tone hardwood veneer finishCHECK ON AMAZON
J&A Glass TopJ&A Glass Top Pedicure CartA modern glass top unitCHECK ON AMAZON
Berkeley Glass GlowGlass Glow Pedicure Trolley WHITE Cart for Nail Salon Furniture & EquipmentA white glass top unitCHECK ON AMAZON
J&A Wood TopJ & A Wood Top Pedicure Cart / Trolley with Two Full Functional Utility Drawers, Heavy Duty Swivel Casters with Lock, Sleek Modern Design, in White, JA-JM-CART-WhiteLow and compactCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Pedicure CartBeauty Spa Pedicure Roller Pedicure Cart Manicure Trolley Cart - Pedi-Mani (SILVER)Narrow with a lot of storageCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba BerkeleyPedicure Trolley (Cart) BerkeleyA brown Alera cloneCHECK ON AMAZON
Pibbs 2045Pibbs Professional Pedicure Utility Cart for Salons & Spas, Model 2045, Black Durable Hard Plastic, 3 Drawers, Top Storage Locations for Tools, 2 Handles, PIB-2045 for Salons & Spas, PIB-2045A sturdy plastic trolleyCHECK ON AMAZON
Blue HillsAlvin, SC3SM, Deep Storage Organizer Cart - Smoke, 3 DrawersA budget unitCHECK ON AMAZON
Pibbs 2030Pibbs 2030 Pedicure Cart for Salons & Spas, PIB-2030Plastic with a seatCHECK ON AMAZON
Dina Meri 2316-FF2316-HF Pedicure Nail stool, Nail Manicure Salon Spa Seat w/adjustable footrest by Dina Meri Made in USAPedicure stool with a footrestCHECK ON AMAZON
BarberPubBarberPub Pedicure Unit Nail Stool Seat with Wheels Nail Station Beauty Spa Salon Trolley Cart 9311Pedicure stool with storage and a supply trayCHECK ON AMAZON

You also want to take all the supplies with you when you move from one pedicure station to another.

That’s where pedicure trolley comes in handy.

Every cart has room for storage and swivel caster wheels for moving it around.

Here is a list of the best professional pedicure trolley carts available on the market.

Mayakoba Alera Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


Mayakoba Alera pedicure trolley is designed for pedicure equipment storage at a salon.

This cart is like a little filing cabinet on wheels.

It looks modern and elegant and has a nice neutral multitone gray/beige wooden veneer finish that would fit any interior.

And it’s very compact, so it’s a great choice for a small salon. The measurements are: 13″(L) x 13.5″(W) x 18.75″(H). The weight is just 30 pounds.

Berkeley pedicure trolley is so easy to move around because it weighs only 30 lbs, and it’s pretty small in size. But at the same time, it’s really sturdy.

You can either move it on wheels over the floor or pick it up if needed by the handles on its sides.

Despite being rather small, it has 2 drawers with a lot of storage space.

So convenient!

One drawer is larger (for storing high bottles, for example) and the other one is small.

So you’ll have all the tools and nail polishes within your reach while you work.

You also have the top surface for organizing and storing the most necessary pedicure equipment at your fingertips.

And the top tray has a narrow space that works as a supply holder.

One of the best features of this cart is that it’s acetone resistant, so you don’t have to worry about spills. They won’t damage your trolley.

It will always look tidy because is very easy to clean.

If you are looking for a pedicure cart that’s not too big then this unit is for you.

It’s a good idea to get several pieces for your salon.

You will need to assemble the cart when it arrives, as it doesn’t come pre-assembled.

Mayakoba Sonoma Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


Mayakoba Sonoma pedicure trolley is the most luxurious one on this list.

A must-have for a high-end salon and a perfect piece for a white luxury interior.

It’s a beautiful modern white wooden pedicure cart with a white and gray marble top, rounded corners, and brushed aluminum accents.

Sonoma cart has 4 round supply holders for tall bottles and 2 large drawers to organize and hold everything your salon’s pedicurist needs.

The drawers have a different size, with the bottom one being bigger than the top one.

This cart is substantially heavier than the Mayakoba Alera cart, but it’s still very easy to move around because it has a set of 4 wheels.

So you can have all your equipment and supplies within your reach.

The dimensions are 15″(L) x 15″(W) x 23.75″(H). Weight: 49 lbs.

Mayakoba Avon I Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


Mayakoba Avon is very similar to the Mayakoba Sonoma pedicure trolley cart.

It has the same construction with a marble top, silver accents, 4 bottle holders, 4 wheels, and 2 drawers.

The top drawer is slightly smaller than the bottom one.

However, Mayakoba Avon has a cherry wood design hardwood veneer finish.

It’s a gorgeous brown pedicure trolley that would fit a modern salon interior with brown furniture.

The dimensions are: 16″(L) x 16″(W) x 22″(H). Weight: 52 lbs.

Mayakoba Verona II Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


Mayakoba Verona II is another clone of the luxury Myakoba Sonoma pedicure cart that has the same construction, but a different color and finish.

It’s a very classy trolley with a sleek two-tone hardwood veneer finish.

All other features are the same: a large top surface with supply holders, two drawers and four wheels.

It has lighter materials than Mayakoba Sonoma, so it doesn’t weigh as much and it is easier to move around.

This unit’s weight is just 40 lbs, and the measurements are 17″(L) x 15″(W) x 22″(H).

J&A Glass Top Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


J&A modern pedicure trolley will be a perfect match for a salon with black furniture and decor.

It’s a very elegant and classy wooden unit with an easy to clean black tempered glass shelf at the top.

The broad top glass surface has 3 metal dividers that can help you organize bottles of pedicure supplies.

There is an additional storage space under the glass sheld on top of two large drawers.

So this J&A pedicure trolley has ample room for storage, and you can keep your equipment and polishes in order.

The cart easily glides across the floor with 4 heavy-duty swivel caster wheels, that can also be locked in a fixed position.

The unit’s measurements are: Width: 16″(W) x 15″(L) x 25″(H), weight: 45 lbs.

Berkeley Glass Glow Pedicure Trolley

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


This modern pedicure trolley from the Berkeley collection of salon furniture is very similar in form and function to another manufacturer’s, J&A’s, black glass top pedicure cart.

But Berkeley pedicure cart is white, with a frosted glass top surface, and stainless steel accents.

So if you like the glass top pedicure cart model, but have a white salon interior then Berkeley cart would be ideal for you.

Berkeley trolley also has two large drawers, storage space under the glass shelf, and two metal dividers above the shelf for the easier arrangement of bottles and tool holders.

It has four swivel caster wheels, so you can move the trolley around the salon effortlessly.

The dimensions of this unit are: 15″(L) x 14.5″(W) x 25″(H), weight: 45 lbs.

J&A Wood Top Pedicure Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


J&A wooden pedicure cart is super lightweight and compact, with a simple and sleek contemporary design.

It comes with 4 wheels and it’s super-easy to move around. The swivel casters are heavy-duty and can lock the wheels in place to prevent accidental movement.

This trolley is not very tall, so if you have a low pedicure seat then it’s very easy to reach the cart.

The dimensions are: 14.25″(W) x 14.25″(L) x 17″(H). Weight is just 25 pounds.

This wooden cart comes in two popular colors: walnut and white. So you can buy it for just about any salon interior.

Even though J&A wood top pedicure trolley is so small it has everything you need: two spacious drawers and a top surface with a divider that helps to keep your pedicure necessities perfectly organized.

Dir Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


Dir pedicure cart is very narrow and slick.

Its measurements are: 13.5″(L) x 11.9″(W) x 23.2″(H) and the weight is 35 lbs.

It can easily fit into a very tight space, but has plenty of room for storage, with two large drawers and a top surface for placing all your pedicure supplies.

You can move it between your pedicure stations because it’s got 4 large rubber locking wheels.

Dir trolley has a nice contemporary design, high quality painted finish, and comes in two neutral colors: gray and black.

Mayakoba Berkeley Pedicure Trolley Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


The popular Mayakoba Alera pedicure trolley was actually inspired by the Mayakoba Berkeley cart, which was the first one to hit the market.

The measurements are 13″(L) x 13.5″(W) x 18.75″(H). Weight: 30 lbs.

The only difference between these two Mayakoba pedicure trolley cart models is the color.

The Berkeley cart has a nice dark brown hue.

If most of your salon furniture is brown then this trolley would be a perfect match.

The Mayakoba Berkeley unit is also compact and lightweight.

It has wheels and cutout handles, so you can change its position without effort.

It has two drawers, a large top surface, and an acetone resistant finish.

Just like Alera cart, Berkeley trolley doesn’t have the round cutout supply holders.

But the top surface has a divider which adds a narrow space for fixing bottles in place.

This cart is also sold as a set of 2 with a discount:

Pibbs 2045 Pedicure Utility Cart

Pedicure trolley cart, pedicure cart, pedicure cart with footrest


Pibbs 2045 pedicure cart is entirely made of hard black plastic, with plastic wheels.

It’s not as classy and chic looking as wooden carts. Because it uses a cheaper material. But plastic is very easy to clean and durable.

And it’s very functional because it has 3 drawers for storage, along with bottle holders at the top.

However, one big minus is that the top surface is not a shelf. It’s just a flat surface with shallow holes that look like cup holders in a car.

But its plus is that it has two handles on the sides for moving it across the floor.

The measurements are: Height: 18″, Width: 15″, Depth: 18″.

Blue Hills Studio SC3SM Storage Cart

Alvin, SC3SM, Deep Storage Organizer Cart - Smoke, 3 Drawers


Blue Hills Studio storage cart is a very simple unit with 3 drawers and wheels.

A lot like the unit you can find in Ikea. It’s made of metal and smoky gray plastic.

It’s not high-end or chic, and won’t add any luxury look to your salon, but it does the job.

The cart measures 26″(H) x 13″(L) x 15.5″(W). It’s super lightweight, just 8.25 pounds. And it has locking swivel caster wheels. So easy to move between pedicure chairs!

Pedicure stool carts

A pedicure stool cart is a trolley that has a seat or a pedicure cart with footrest and a seat.

Pibbs 2030 Pedicure Cart

Pibbs 2030 Pedicure Cart for Salons & Spas, PIB-2030


Pibbs 2030 black pedicure cart is both a pedicure stool and a trolley. It’s pretty compact: 14″(H) x 15″(W) x 17″(D).

It’s a great solution for a very small salon, as it saves a lot of space.

However, you can’t change the height of your stool, and you don’t have the added convenience of top surface storage at your fingertips.

So you have to sacrifice some function in favor of the 2-in-1 form.

You still get two deep drawers always within your reach.

This Pibbs unit is made of very sturdy plastic.

After all, it must hold the weight of the nail tech along with the supplies.

And it can move around like a swivel chair with 4 sturdy wheels.

The seat is soft and comfortable with an upholstered cushion.

Dina Meri 2316-FF Pedicure Cart With Footrest

2316-HF Pedicure Nail stool, Nail Manicure Salon Spa Seat w/adjustable footrest by Dina Meri Made in USA


Dina Meri pedicure cart with footrest also works as a pedicure stool.

In addition to that, it has a footrest for your clients, so it works as a portable pedicure station too, saving you even more space.

Its dimensions are: 15″(W) x 20″(L) x 18″(H).

This pedicure cart with footrest is made in the USA of ABS thermoplastic.

It has a padded vinyl seat and a padded footrest.

However, you can’t adjust the height of the seat, and you can’t move the footrest away from you for a comfortable posture.

Dina Meri pedicure cart with footrest has two sliding trays instead of drawers. One tray has two dividers and the other has one divider.

There is also a roll-up door that covers the slide-out trays, and 2 side pockets with dividers and wire support for storing bottles.

A real downside of this unit is that the wheels don’t lock. So you can accidentally slide while working, especially if the floor of your salon is smooth and slippery.

This unit is very lightweight and easy to carry. It weighs just 19 lbs, but it’s designed to hold up to 220 lbs.

However, it may turn over if you stand up while leaving your customer’s foot on the footrest.

BarberPub Pedicure Trolley Cart

BarberPub Pedicure Unit Nail Stool Seat with Wheels Nail Station Beauty Spa Salon Trolley Cart 9311


This is another unit that combines a pedicure trolley cart and a seat.

It doesn’t have a footrest.

However, there is a supply tray that replaces the top surface of the cart occupied by the soft seat.

The seat is made of molded foam PVC.

The frame of the BarberPub trolley is made of steel.

It houses 3 storage drawers.

And the top tray has a bottle holder.

You can move this cart with four swivel caster wheels.

BarberPub trolley is pretty compact: 14.6″(W) x 15.4″(L) x 28″, and can hold up to 180 lbs.

A big plus is that you don’t need to assemble it when it arrives.

Pedicure trolley cart buying guide


The first things you need to look for are the design, construction, and the color of your pedicure trolley cart.

The color must match the overall decor of your salon.

There are some carts that have a neutral wooden finish and would be a great fit for almost any interior.

Most pedicure carts have a modern design.

For a luxury salon, you may want to look for a cart with a high-end finish, like a marble top.


One of the most important things to consider is the construction of your cart.

If you already have pedicure stools in your salon then you can buy a pedicure trolley just for the storage it offers.

However, if you want to save some space you can buy a pedicure trolley with footrest or a unit that has a seat on top, and can both serve as a pedicure stool and a pedicure trolley cart.

Some of these units even have a footrest installed for your clients.

And of course, you’ve got to consider how many supplies you always have at hand, and select a cart with enough storage space for your needs.

A pedicure trolley cart is a real helper for a busy nail tech. It’s indispensable if you have a pedicure station. So I hope this guide is useful for your salon furniture shopping spree.

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