5 Best And Safest Neon Polygel Nail Kits

Neon polygel is a huge trend for summer and party nails. Neon colors look super-vibrant and will make your nails the center of anyone’s attention.

If you want to create a set of dazzling salon-quality nails that won’t fade and will last for at least 3 weeks then a neon polygel nail kit will let you do it at home in about an hour. Manufacturers of these kits offer a large selection of neon products — with glitter, glow in the dark pigments, additional supplies, and tools, etc.

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Top 3 neon polygel nail kit picks

BeetlesBeetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit, Neon Jelly 6...Jelly neon polygels that are easy to cure, come with an LED lamp.CHECK ON AMAZON
SavilandSaviland Poly for Nail Gel Kit - Neon Glow in the...Glow-in-the-dark neon polygelsCHECK ON AMAZON
MakarttMakartt Poly Nail Gel Kit Rainbow Color Neon Build...Fully opaque neon polygels.CHECK ON AMAZON

Best neon polygel nail kit reviews

Beetles Jelly Neon Polygel Nail Kit With Lamp

Beetles Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit, Neon Jelly 6...



Beautiful jelly effect

These polygels have a lovely translucent jelly effect, which is one of the hottest trends on Instagram.

You’ll be able to create jelly nails in a whole rainbow of colors.

Lets you create matte jelly nails

Another super-hot trend on social media is matte nails.

And with this kit, you can make translucent matte nails using a matte top coat that is included.

Just apply it over cured polygel nails and they will turn matte once you cure the top coat.

All in one kit

The set contains 6 neon polygels, plus almost all the necessary supplies and tools, except for slip solution.

Comes with a portable UV lamp

The lamp is tiny, compact, foldable, and easily portable.

Even though it only has 15W of power, it’s fine for curing these polygels, especially because they’re translucent.

The lamp doesn’t cause heat spikes

The low-power lamp will never cause painful heat spikes that often happen with more powerful units.

Its construction also makes it safe for the eyes.

It’s a perfect set for taking on a vacation

The colors are amazing for the summer or a beach holiday.

Plus, the whole set, including the lamp, is compact and super-portable.

It’s ideal for the summer and resort getaways.

You can take it with you and do your party nails while you’re on vacation.

3 types of forms included

Most polygel nail kits only come with dual forms.

But if you’re used to doing acrylic and gel nails, and prefer using ordinary foil forms this set will be a great purchase because foil forms are also included.

As for the dual forms, there are two kinds of them in this neon polygel nail kit — flat and curved ones, suitable for all types of nails.

9-free and non-toxic

Beetles is a brand known for their non-toxic and SGS-certified products that are made from natural resin and don’t have a strong odor.

These polygels are no exception. They are 9 toxin-free and low-odor.

Unlike acrylic nails, they don’t smell and produce no toxic fumes.

Easy to use and beginner-friendly

The polygels and forms are very easy to use, especially for a beginner.

First, the kit comes with a set of clear step-by-step instructions.

In addition to that, dual forms are great for beginners because they create smooth and well-shaped nails almost automatically and with minimal filing.

Plus, these polygels have a nice pliable consistency.

A tad sticky, but this can be compensated by adding a bit more slip solution.

But that’s a plus because the material doesn’t slide off the form.

Also, the lamp is super-easy to use because it only has one button that turns it on for 90 seconds. No complex settings to remember.


Polygels usually stay on the nails for at least 3 weeks.

However, you can expect these results if you read the instructions and do everything right to prevent your nails from popping off right after being cured.


Polygels are not opaque

Obviously, since these are jelly polygels, they are completely translucent.

No matter how thick you apply them they won’t be fully opaque.

The lamp is not very powerful and cures nails slower than bigger units

The lamp is portable and very compact. But this comes at a cost.

It only has 15W of power.

This means it may take more time to cure polygels, gels, or gel nail polishes than with a more powerful lamp.

But since the included polygels are translucent, the lamp is still able to cure them pretty quickly — in 90-120 seconds.

However, if you use it for curing highly pigmented gel nail polishes, or a thick layer of such polish it may cure it slowly.

The entire hand won’t fit into this little lamp

This lamp is small so understandably all the fingers won’t fit inside.

Plus, it doesn’t have the dome shape that larger units have so it won’t be able to cure the thumb and the other four fingers simultaneously.

You’ll need to cure the thumb separately.

No slip solution included

Even though this kit contains so much necessary stuff it comes with no slip solution, which is a bummer.

However, slip solution is actually made from Isopropyl Alcohol or rubbing alcohol.

You can easily replace it with any 70% rubbing alcohol.

Saviland Glow-In-The-Dark Neon Polygel

Saviland Poly for Nail Gel Kit - Neon Glow in the...



2 in 1 neon plus glow-in-the-dark polygel nail kit

When you buy this set of 7 polygels you get 14 neon colors.

Each polygel has a bright neon color during the day and glows in a neon hue at night.

The daytime colors are well-pigmented and vibrant.

This is a perfect polygel nail kit for clubbing or Halloween.

All the glow colors are different

Unlike most glow-in-the-dark polygels and gel nail polish sets, where most of the colors look very alike in the dark, all the glow hues in the Saviland kit are different.

You get a whole palette of neon glow-in-the-dark polygel colors.

Plus, the glow is very strong.

Bonus tip:

Don’t forget to charge the nails under a UV light source like the sun or for 30 seconds under a UV lamp, otherwise, they won’t glow in the dark. Ordinary light bulbs won’t do.

Slip solution is included

Unlike Beetles jelly neon polygel kit, this set includes a 30 ml bottle of slip solution.

Comes with both tips and forms

This is another polygel nail kit that includes forms in addition to tips.

Polygels dry very quickly

These polygels get cured very quickly and easily.

You can expect to fully cure them in about 60s under a 48W lamp.

Easy to use

These polygels are pretty thick.

This may be great for beginners because they aren’t sticky or runny.

So they will stay where you put them, won’t run into the cuticles, and the dual form won’t slide.

Vegan, cruelty-free, low odor.


No lamp included

This kit doesn’t come with its own lamp.

However, this can also be good if you already have a lamp or if you don’t want to be tied to a certain lamp, or want to choose a different type of unit than what’s usually included in polygel nail kits.

Only one type of dual forms

This kit doesn’t offer a choice of two types of dual forms

It only comes with dual forms in 12 sizes.

They are on the flat side but have a slight curve.

Not opaque

These polygels are well-pigmented but they’re not opaque.

They are a bit see-through, even though these aren’t jelly polygels.

Hard to squeeze out

Since the product is pretty thick when the surrounding temperature is low, it may take some effort to squeeze it out of the tube.

It will be easier to squeeze out in a warmer room. You can also fix this by sealing the tube in an airtight plastic bag and putting it under warm water. Just make sure no water gets inside the bag.

Makartt Rainbow Neon Polygel

Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit Rainbow Color Neon Build...



Opaque polygels

Unlike Saviland polygels, which are translucent, Makartt ones are fully opaque and offer great coverage of the nail plate.

7 beautiful vibrant rainbow colors

All the colors are amazingly bright, super-vibrant neons, thanks to these polygels being opaque and solid.

They are brighter and more pigmented than Saviland polygels.

Popular brand

Makartt is a very popular brand of professional-level polygels.

It’s a great alternative to the premium Gelish polygels, which only come in a limited color range and don’t have as many effects as products made by Makartt.

Larger tubes

Each tube of Makartt neon polygel contains 30 g of product.

This is twice as much as what is offered by Beetles or Saviland.

Comes with tools and supplies

Both foil forms and dual forms are included

Cruelty-free and low odor


Longer curing times

The opacity and high pigmentation make these polygels harder to cure.

While you can fully cure translucent products in 60-90 seconds, opaque ones need more curing time — about 90-120 seconds, even under powerful lamps.

Some tubes have less product

Some of the tubes in this set look to be lighter on the product than other tubes.

Only one type of dual forms included

These forms aren’t too curved and will fit most nail types.

No slip solution included

SXC Pastel Neon Glow In The Dark Polygel

SXC Cosmetics Poly Gel Nail Kit Zodiac Series 2...



6 beautiful colors

This kit contains 6 gorgeous pastel neons, which are great for those who don’t like garish neon colors.

Glow in the dark effect

These polygels also have a neon glow-in-the-dark effect at night.

They all glow in different colors, just like Saviland polygels.

Plus, the glow is nice and strong.

SXC polygels look amazing under blacklight too.

Come with nail art supplies

You can create gorgeous nail art using the enclosed iridescent foil flakes and diamonds with a beautiful Aurora Borealis effect.

Base coat and top coat double as slip solution

The manufacturer suggests using the included base coat and the top coat as slip solution too, which makes these products unique.

This is really nice if you don’t have a regular slip solution or rubbing alcohol on hand.

Large tubes

Each tube contains 30 ml of product, which is a lot more than what comes in most other sets.

Good consistency

These polygels have a nice consistency.

They are thick but are at the same time pliable and easy to control.

Their thickness prevents them from being runny.

And unlike many hard polygels, these aren’t too sticky.

Both foil forms and dual forms are included


Sheer colors

These polygels are light and sheer, compared to other products on this list.

If you use the base coat and top coat as slip solution you will run out of them pretty quickly

The base coat and top coat come in 8 ml bottles. This is not a lot of product.

If you use them as a slip solution too generously you’ll quickly run out of them.

It’s more economically feasible to buy a separate bottle of slip solution or of 70-99% rubbing alcohol.

But if you don’t have slip solution on hand and need to use these base coat/top coat try not dipping your brush in them too much.

Thick polygel is hard to squeeze out

Astound Beauty Glitter Neon Polygel

Astound Beauty Polygel Nail Kit with 10 Color Gel... BUY NOW ON AMAZON


Lots of colors and glitters

This set has a lot more colors than other sets on this list.

You get 10 hues, half of which is are bright neons and half are pastel mother of pearl neons with fine glitter.

Comes with a super-cute cosmetic bag

You can store and organize all these polygels in a lovely sequined cosmetic bag that comes with this kit.

Strong and long-lasting

These polygels are some of the strongest I’ve ever used. They stay on very well and can last for about a month.


The glitters are sticky

Due to their formula, glitter polygels from this kit are harder to manipulate because they are thicker and stickier than solid color neon polygels.

Translucent and low-pigmented

Bright neon polygels from this set aren’t as opaque as the ones made by Makartt

They are translucent and light on pigment, which makes them faster to cure.

I’d call them jelly polygels, even though they’re not marketed as such.

No additional supplies included

This kit only includes polygels and a cosmetic bag.

There is no slip solution, base coat, top coat, brush, picker, or anything else.

What is neon polygel?

Best And Safest Neon Polygel Nail Kits

Poygel is a hybrid between builder gel and acrylics. It’s basically acrylic powder mixed in with builder gel.

It’s very easy to use and is perfect for beginners.

Neons are super-bright and hyper-vibrant shades of primary and secondary colors.

For example, pink, orange, green, blue, etc

How to wear neon polygel?

Neon colors are absolutely stunning for spring and summer.

These are the perfect seasons for wearing bright colors and neons are super-vibrant and highly pigmented.

If you want to opt for a more subdued look you can combine neon colors with nude polygels.

For example, you can create nude French manicure nails with a neon smile line.

These bright colors make a great accent for nude nails.

That way you can even use several different neon hues on one hand without it looking tacky or garish.

Is neon polygel safe to use?

These polygels contain the same neon pigments as neon nail polishes.

Some people are afraid that these polishes are unsafe because they have heard that neon pigments are illegal in the USA.

However, the fact is that these pigments are not actually illegal.

It’s just that no manufacturer has ever bothered to register neon pigments with the FDA to manufacture products with these colorants domestically.

That’s because most of the polishes and polygels on the market are imported and the registration process is lengthy and cumbersome.

So technically neon pigments aren’t illegal or unsafe. They just haven’t been added to the FDA-approved list of colorants.

All the polygels on this list are also imported.

They are non-toxic and some are even officially certified to be safe.

What are the brightest neon colors?

Lime and aqua colors are considered to be the brightest neons for the human eye.

Does neon polygel glow in the dark?

Some of the polygel nail kits listed above have glow-in-the-dark pigments added to the formula.

So they will glow in the dark even without blacklight. You just need to charge them under a UV light.

But most neons can glow in the dark under a blacklight, even without being charged.

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