Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] – The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

Here is the ultimate list of the most popular Shellac colors used by nail technicians and loved by their clients.

I’ve selected 15 best Shellac colors for your perfect manicure and nail art palette.

Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

WildfirewildfireClassic redCHECK ON AMAZON
NegligeenegligeeSheer light pinkCHECK ON AMAZON
TropixtropixCoralCHECK ON AMAZON
Field FoxfieldfoxNude with mauve undertoneCHECK ON AMAZON
Lobster RolllobsterVibrant orangey-redCHECK ON AMAZON
Pink BikinipinkbikiniHot pinkCHECK ON AMAZON
Rose BudrosebudSoft pinkCHECK ON AMAZON
MasquerademasqueradeBurgundyCHECK ON AMAZON
Rock RoyaltyrockPurpleCHECK ON AMAZON
Indigo FrockindigoIndigoCHECK ON AMAZON
Peacock PlumeplumeShimmery dark blueCHECK ON AMAZON
RubblerubbleDark earthy nudeCHECK ON AMAZON
Bicycle YellowyellowBright yellowCHECK ON AMAZON
Cream PuffcreampuffWhiteCHECK ON AMAZON
Black PoolblackBlackCHECK ON AMAZON

What are the best Shellac colors?

Shellac, manufactured by CND, is the polish that revolutionized the nail industry in 2010.

It’s one of the first gel nail polishes that started the whole gel craze.

The main benefit of Shellac is that it usually stays on your nails for two weeks or more with no chips.

And it looks really shiny and gorgeous!

Not harmful:

It is also one of the highest quality and least toxic gel nail polishes on the market.

It’s pretty easy to remove Shellac without harming your nails.

Beautiful colors:

Shellac’s array of colors is huge. With new hues coming out every season.

While every color is gorgeous in its own right, there is a number of popular colors that are foolproof and are instant hits with nail salon clients and home hobbyists.

Most popular Shellac Colors


CND Shellac Wildfire is a classic Ferrari red without shimmer.

There are so many shades of red on the market!

But Wildfire is the best one you can get!

And it complements any skin tone nicely.

It also looks good on any nail shape and length, even on very short nails.

This polish color is actually my firm favorite.

Shellac Wildfire adds a perfect pop of color when you dress up for a special occasion or for the holidays.

And it’s great for those who, like me, just love red nails.

Movie star manicure:

Red polish is a classic nail color associated with the old Hollywood glamour.

It’s bold and adventurous.

But you can wear it with a little black dress, an office suit or a t-shirt and jeans.

Red nail color is universal and livens up any outfit.

Classic red is so popular that I think it deserves the top spot on the list of 15 most popular Shellac colors.


This sheer light pink color with a slight blue shimmer is versatile.

I’d say CND Shellac Negligee is a pink-nude.

So it’s suitable for any season and any occasion.

But most people prefer to wear light pink polish in the summer.

So gorgeous!

Soft light pink is also a perfect wedding color.

It complements any style of gown.

It’s a great choice if you’re a guest too.

And, of course, Shellac Negligee looks amazing as the base color for a French manicure.

It’s so sheer that it may require three layers for better coverage.


Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

As the name suggests, CND Shellac Tropix is a perfect warm coral shade for the summer or for a tropical vacation.

It looks bold and beautiful.

Coral is such a pretty color!

No wonder it’s one of the hottest trends in recent years.

It’s one of the most popular Shellac colors for the warmer months.

A summer hit:

It’s an ideal match for a bathing suit, flip-flops or any summer frock.

Shellac Tropix also looks great together with gold glitter gel polish and with yellow or white polish.

For example, you can paint most of your nails coral, paint one nail on each hand white, and apply tropical-themed decals to the white nails.

It’s my second favorite color after Wildfire. One of the best Shellac colors ever!

And I wear it all year round. Not only in the summer.

Field Fox

CND Shellac Field Fox is a beige color with mauve undertones.

Colors like that are also known as nudes.

This is a perfect neutral color for any time of day or any occasion.

It’s a beauty staple that never goes out of style.

And it looks especially good against darker skin tones.

How to choose a nude polish color?

In fact, when you choose a nude color for your nails, you shouldn’t match your natural skin color.

It’s more flattering and trendier to go a shade or two lighter or darker than your actual skin tone.

Shellac Field Fox also matches any outfit.

And it’s a great low-key color if you can’t wear any bold hues because of an office dress code.

This nail polish is so classy!

A nude color just like Field Fox is one of the favorite colors of the women in the British Royal Family, who are limited in their choices by the royal protocol.

Lobster Roll

Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

CND Shellac Lobster Roll is another amazing looking shade of red.

It’s a vibrant orange-red color, very bold and glamorous!

Bright red:

Close to coral, like Tropix, but more on the red side.

The color of this Shellac polish changes slightly under different light sources: from orange-red to a shade of salmon pink, to fuchsia.

Shellac Lobster Roll looks amazing against lighter skin tones.

It’s a perfect hue for a summer manicure or for a special occasion.

Pink Bikini

CND Shellac Pink Bikini is a classic vibrant hot pink.

It’s a bright shade of fuchsia similar to the famous Barbie pink, but even bolder!

Pink Bikini is part of CND’s Summer Splash collection.

So it’s perfect for summer and for wearing on a vacation.

Hot pink:

It’s actually the most popular summer nail color.

However, it also matches just about any outfit.

So you can wear it all year round if it suits your style.

Shellac Pink Bikini is a gorgeous girly color that will brighten up your day!

Rose Bud

Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

Pinks are a staple of any nail salon or a polish collection.

They are some of the most popular Shellac colors out there.

Shellac has a huge array of pinks.

Classy pink:

CND Shellac Rose Bud is a super cute soft shade of pink. Like the color of a delicate rose petal.

It’s not as bold as Shellac Pink Bikini.

Shellac Rose Bud a classic pink, a very feminine color that suits any style and occasion, and any skin tone.

It’s great for any special event, including weddings.

At the same time, you can wear it to work.

Rose Bud looks so lovely on nails!


Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

CND Shellac Masquerade is a deep rich shade of red, like the color of red wine, almost burgundy.

It makes your nails look glamorous. No matter what nail length you have.

A fall/winter hit:

Shellac Masquerade is a perfect choice for the fall and winter months, and especially for the holiday season, it feels festive.

But you can wear dark polish colors all year round. Deep red looks really elegant and classy.

In fact, I’m wearing this color right now, while I’m typing this article.

It’s one of the best Shellac colors on the market.

I also like to use burgundy polish for painting my toes.

Rock Royalty

CND Shellac Rock Royalty is a deep regal purple color, like that of a nice ripe eggplant.

It’s bold, daring and eye-catching.

It’s one of the most popular Shellac colors with salon clients for the fall and winter season.

Super glamorous:

A dark purple manicure is the epitome of glamour.

And it looks amazing against all skin tones.

Shellac Rock Royalty is a perfect match for an elegant outfit for a special occasion.

At the same time, it’s surprisingly versatile.

It’s even suitable for office wear.

Indigo Frock

CND Shellac Indigo Frock is super-popular with the salon clientele too.

It’s a shiny dark indigo shade of blue, close to black. A very strong and bold hue.

It would look nice with white stamping.

A winter hit:

This color is an amazing choice for the cooler months and, of course, for the holiday season.

Shellac Indigo Frock looks stunning under warm artificial lighting.

So it’s perfect for evening wear and for special occasions.

Peacock Plume

CND Shellac Peacock Plume is a deep shimmery shade of blue, but lighter than Shellac Indigo Frock.

Classic blue is actually Pantone’s color of the year for 2020.

So it’s bound to be one of the most popular Shellac colors this year.

Just like Indigo Frock, Peacock Plume is best for the cooler months, holiday season, and special occasions.

It’s a beautiful and elegant color.


CND Shellac Rubble is an earthy brownish-gray tone.

It’s a deeper variation of nude. According to many nail technicians, it’s one of the most popular Shellac colors they use at their salons.

As a dark neutral color, Shellac Rubble is a great choice for the cooler months.

But it’s warmer than gray, and it looks amazing against darker skin tones.

Elegant minimalism:

Rubble doesn’t match a natural skin tone, but it’s very stylish and modern.

A nice polish color if you like minimalism.

And it’s so versatile! It doesn’t clash with any color in your wardrobe.

Bicycle Yellow

Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

CND Shellac Bicycle Yellow is a bright and cheery yellow polish.

This sunny hue is, of course, ideal for summer.

The yellow nail polish trend is expected to make a comeback this summer.

Bicycle Yellow has just the right tone, temperature, and brightness for not looking over the top, without being too acid or egg yolk-like.

How to wear it?

Yellow is a great color for nail art. And it matches any other colors.

You can paint some of your nails yellow, and paint your other nails blue, lilac, purple, red, black or fuchsia.

Cream Puff

Cream Puff is Shellac’s opaque super-white color.

A common use for white nail polish is painting the tips of French manicure nails.

CND Shellac Cream Puff is also one of the most popular Shellac colors for summer.

And of course, white is classy and never goes out of style. It matches any outfit and complements any skin tone.

A great base for nail art:

Like a white sheet of paper for drawing, Cream Puff is a great basic color for nail art, stamping, and nail decals.

And if you add some unicorn nail dust over the Cream Puff polish you’ll get an amazing holographic sheen on your nails.

You can also paint some of your nails white and add other colors to the rest of your fingers.

Black Pool

Most Popular Shellac Colors [2020] - The Ultimate List Of 15 Best Shellac Colors For Fantastic Manicures

CND Shellac Black Pool is a glossy classic black gel polish.

Black manicure has been a steady trend in recent years, originally brought to the runway by Gucci.

Some people think it’s a controversial trend, a rebellion, mostly popular with teenagers and Goths.

But if Black Pool matches your style or a monochrome outfit, then you won’t go unnoticed.

Rock star nails:

Some of the most notable wearers of black manicure were Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. So black nails are also associated with rock music.

In any case, it’s a fashion statement.

The best Shellac colors: how do you apply them?

Shellac is a gel polish, which requires a special application method for it to stay on your nails for two weeks or more.

CND Shellac Application

How To Apply CND Shellac

It must be applied on top of a base coat and covered with a top coat.

The base and the top coat are also available under the Shellac brand from CND.

Each layer of Shellac, including the base and the top coat, must be cured in a UV lamp for about 1 minute (10 seconds for the base).

So the polish dries very quickly.

No need to wait for it to dry like you have to do when you paint your nails with ordinary nail polishes.

CND manufactures lamps for curing Shellac as well.

Shellac Base Coat

Shellac base coat application must be done after you’ve performed a manicure, removed any contaminants and prepared your nail plate by purifying it and removing oil and debris with CND’s ScrubFresh and a lint-free wipe.

Apply the base coat in one thin layer.

Color Polish: use most popular Shellac Colors

Two layers of Shellac color polish over the base are usually enough before you apply the top coat.

If you select a sheer color you can use three layers for a better look.

Nail art and embellishments:

You can add embellishments, decals, unicorn powder, glitter, and nail art on top of the second layer of colored Shellac polish. Apply the top coat after that.

Shellac Top Coat

After adding one thin layer of the top coat and drying it with the lamp you need to remove the top film with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, again using a lint-free wipe.

And you’re done!

Shellac Remover

Onyx Professional Soak Off Coconut Scented Shellac and Gel Nail Polish Remover, Pack of 2

Shellac can be removed by wrapping each nail in a piece of foil that contains a cotton bud with acetone-based remover and waiting for 5 minutes for the polish to soak off.

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