Most Popular Gelish Colors 2022

Gelish was the first LED gel nail polish brand on the market that revolutionized the nail industry. It’s still is a best-selling brand that is used in salons worldwide. Here is a list of the most popular Gelish colors and color sets, according to professional nail technicians and fans.

I also love this polish and I’m happy to share the list of the best Gelish colors with you.

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Top 3 Gelish colors and color sets

Midnight CallerGelish Mini Midnight Caller 6 Bottle Collection 9...Set of 6 popular colors, plus a premium nail care and prep kit.CHECK ON AMAZON
Hip Hot CoralGelish MINI Hip Hot Coral Soak-Off Gel Polish, 0.3...Hot neon coral.CHECK ON AMAZON
Keepin' It CoolGelish MINI Summer 2021 Feel The Vibes Collection...Pantone color of the year.CHECK ON AMAZON

Most popular Gelish colors

Most popular Gelish colors, best Gelish colors

Gelish Mini Midnight Caller 6 Bottle Collection

Most fashionable and classy nail colors in one set of miniatures.


Several popular and elegant shades in one set

This set contains the 6 most popular Gelish colors in mini bottles.

The colors included are darks and brights.

They are perfect for a party or a night out and look super elegant and classy.

These shades are also great for the fall/winter season and the Holiday season.

Comes with a whole additional nail prep and care kit

This polish collection also includes Gelish 15 mL Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Basix Care Kit with Remover and Cleanser.

The kit contains small bottles of Gelish remover and cleanser plus 15 ml versions of the brand’s best-selling bundle of nail prep and nail care products — Gelish Fantastic Four.

It consists of the Gelish pH Bond dehydrator that removes natural oils from the nail plate for helping the polish products adhere to it better, Gelish Foundation base coat, Gelish Top It Off top coat, and Gelish Nourish cuticle oil.

All these salon-quality products are some of the best on the market, especially the foundation base coat and top coat. They even work great with gel nail polishes made by other brands.

So you’ll get all the necessary supplies in addition to the color polishes.

That’s why it’s an excellent premium starter kit and a fantastic gift set for any polish lover.

Great for trying out several of the most popular Gelish colors without making a commitment

These are mini versions of these polishes so you can try out all the shades and later buy the full versions of the ones you love the most.


These polishes are often used in salons by professional nail technicians. So they have been tried and tested by many people.


When I use Gelish polishes and apply them properly using their Fantastic Four products they usually last for at least 3 weeks on my nails without chipping or peeling.

Easy to apply

Gelish polishes from this collection are well-pigmented and provide great smooth coverage in two layers.

I cure the base coat for 30 seconds under an LED lamp. And the color polish takes about 60-90 seconds to get completely dry in the lamp. If you have a pure UV lamp it will take up to 2 minutes.

Easy to remove

I usually soak them off in about 10-15 minutes. No need to use a nail drill.


The set only contains mini bottles of polishes

Each bottle is not the full version of the polish but a mini 9 ml version.

Cleaner and remover also come in small bottles.

However, even though the bottles are miniature versions of Gelish polishes, they are still bigger than full-sized bottles from some other brands, like, for example, Shellac.

The tools in the product pictures are not included

The cuticle sticks and nail files aren’t included in this set. You only get the polishes and nail prep/care supplies.

Gelish Hip Hot Coral

Hip Hot Coral is an amazingly beautiful and glamorous summer shade of coral that would complement tan or dark skin perfectly.


Bright and beautiful color

Coral is one of my personal favorite shades of nail polish.

This polish has a very bright and intense shade of coral without looking too garish.

Smooth application

This color goes on very well, with no streaks that often happen to bright fluorescent shades.

It doesn’t shrink under the lamp.

A standalone polish

No need to commit to a whole set. This small polish bottle is a great way to try a Gelish product and see whether you like this brand or not.


The manufacturer promises that this polish is free from formaldehyde.

This toxic substance is sometimes used in nail polishes as a preservative and hardener.

However, it makes the nail plate brittle and causes skin irritation and allergies.

So you won’t want your gel nail polish to contain it. Gelish gel polishes are free from this harmful ingredient.

Gelish has never caused irritation or allergy for me, by the way.


Comes in a mini bottle

This is a small 0.3 oz bottle of this polish.

The polish is a bit sheer

You may need an extra third layer to make it look more opaque.

It’s fluorescent and closer to hot pink

If you prefer a calmer or a more orange shade of coral you may want to skip this bottle.

Gelish Red Roses

This intense shade of red is the epitome of glamour.

It’s amazing for a special occasion.

However, it’s also perfect for everyday wear for those who love red nails.

After all, red is one of the most popular nail colors in the world.


A perfect shade of red

This is a great true shade of red. Not orange or purple. Pure deep red.

It doesn’t look garish or tacky. It’s so elegant and classy!

I really love this polish because red is one of my favorite nail colors too. And this hue is just the right one.

Great coverage in just 2 coats

This polish is very well-pigmented. So 2 coats are enough for full coverage and smooth color.


As all Gelish gel nail polishes, this one is also formaldehyde-free and I’ve found that it doesn’t irritate my skin either.


I’ve always had a problem with red polishes.

They seem to last less on my nails than other shades of nail polish.

But it’s not the case with this shade of Gelish. It lasts for the promised 3 weeks with no chips or peeling.


Small bottle

This is another mini 0.3 oz Gelish polish bottle. So it doesn’t contain too much product.

Gelish Keepin’ It Cool

This is a lovely shade of periwinkle blue with shimmer. It matches denim perfectly.

Plus, it looks exactly like Pantone’s color of the year Very Peri.

It’s a very pretty hue for spring and summer.

This shade is even nice for a wedding if you want to wear “something blue” on your nails.


Pretty bright denim shade with subtle sparkle

This color is not a light pastel shade.

It’s a great match for denim clothes and a wonderful spring/summer blue.

And the lovely subtle shimmer makes it even more gorgeous.

Great coverage in 2 coats

This polish gets completely opaque in the standard 2 layers. It’s very well pigmented and doesn’t go on in streaks.

Long-lasting color

The polish stays on for 3+ weeks and the color doesn’t fade.


Mini bottle

This Gelish polish also comes in a mini bottle.

But it’s great when you want to try out the color or if you love to change the polish you wear often.

Gelish All Day All Night

All Day All Night is a deep magenta shade that will look beautiful not only in the summer but all year round.

Pinks are super-popular as nail colors. And this shade of pink is bold but at the same time classy.

It’s perfect for a night out but will look great with a formal outfit too if you’re bold enough to wear it.

I’d wear it in the winter as well to brighten up the day.

This color never goes out of style.


A beautiful deep pink with pearl shimmer

This is a dark pink/magenta shade that is another great color for the summer.

The polish contains pearl powder and has a lovely mother-of-pearl shimmer and sheen.

Smooth application and great coverage

This pink color polish is well-pigmented.

It goes on smoothly, with no streaks or bald spots, lasts long, and offers full coverage in just 2 coats.


Mini bottle

Like all the polishes on this list, this one comes in a smallish bottle too.

Gelish Afternoon Escape

Afternoon Escape is a unique shade of brown with a hint of orange.


A beautiful fall color

It’s a great deep creamy color that is perfect for the fall season, especially for Halloween.


This polish also goes on smoothly in 2 layers, is well-pigmented.


Small bottle

However, the con of it is that it also comes in a mini bottle.

Gelish Arctic Freeze

This is a white gel nail polish that is great for any style or occasion because it’s a universal neutral color that goes with everything.


Goes with everything

This polish is perfect for a wedding. But at the same time, it’s great for wearing at the office even with the strictest dress code.

It’s amazing for French manicure nails.

In addition to that, it makes an ideal background for nail art or nail decals.

Opaque in 2 layers

This white gel nail polish goes completely opaque and streak-free in 2 coats.

This is very rare for white polishes, which are notoriously difficult to apply.


Looks a bit yellow

This white polish has a slight yellowish tint.


The polish is quite thick and can become clumpy.

I’ve found that picking up just a small amount of polish from the bottle helps me to apply it in thin layers and cure it properly.

To wrap up, the most popular Gelish colors are the ones listed above.

You can wear these colors to express your personal style and to follow fashion trends.

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