Matte Gel Nails: 7 Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands List [Updated] Plus Gorgeous Matte Gel Nail Designs

Today I’ll show you the best matte gel top coat brands and beautiful matte gel nail designs, according to top nail technicians.

All this info will help you create the perfect super-trendy matte gel nails without effort.

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Matte gel nails: best matte gel top coat brands

Matte nails have been one of the most popular trends in recent years.

If you are wearing gel nail polish then this style of nail art is easy to create by applying a matte gel top coat over your chosen gel nail polish instead of the glossy one.

Yes, there is no need to look for a matte gel nail polish.

A matte gel color polish does not exist!

You create matte gel nails by using a special matte top coat, which becomes matte only after you cure it with the lamp.

So you can use your favorite gel polish color and a matte top to get the matte effect on your nails.

Matte nails are nice and velvety to the touch.

They look very elegant and are an alternative to glossy nails if you want a whole new look without changing your polish color.

Also, a matte top coat looks great with a metallic polish underneath.

KUPA Gelfinity

Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


KUPA is a nail equipment and nail polish brand founded by two dental technicians, Robert Upshaw and Kito Ochi back in 1984. The company name is an acronym of their last names.

The founders wanted to use their experience and knowledge of the dental industry in the nail industry that was emerging in the 1980s.

KUPA’s most famous products are their nail e-files, KUPA ManiPRO Passport and ManiPRO K-5000.

These are some of the most famous professional nail drills available today.

KUPA also manufactures products for acrylic nails, Gelfinity gel polishes, base coats, and top coats.

KUPA Gelfinity is a professional-grade matte top coat that is made to stay on your nails for at least two weeks without chipping or peeling, according to the manufacturer.

Gelfinity matte top coat is soft and silky to the touch.

While many matte top coats may leave a bit of shine and look more like satin than velvet, KUPA top coat is truly matte and reflects no light at all.

It also doesn’t lose its matte look over time.

How to:

Gelfinity top coat is a bit thick so make sure you use a very thin layer of this top or it would peel.

Another big plus of this top coat is that it’s a no wipe product.

It doesn’t leave a sticky layer after curing.

So you don’t need to wipe the tackiness off with a lint-free wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

It’s great because it leaves out an extra step in your manicure and lets you finish it faster.

You can also buy KUPA matte top coat as part of the KUPA Gelfinity Trio pack that contains the base coat and the glossy top coat too.


Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


Gelish is a gel nail products company that was the first one to launch LED-curable polishes and gel polishes with a brush.

The founder of Gelish is the two-time International Champion in acrylic nails, Danny Haile.

Gelish products are salon-grade ones.

Their gel nail polishes and base and top kits are some of the most well-known products in the industry.

Matte top:

This matte top coat is the perfect fit for Gelish nail polishes because it has been specially formulated to work together with other Gelish products.

That’s why it’s a popular choice of professional nail technicians since many salons work with Gelish.

The gel polish is made to stay on with this top coat for at least two weeks without peeling or chipping, as Gelish promises.

This top coat’s downside is that when used with some other polishes it may give off a slight satin look rather than a totally matte one.

Another downside is that it requires wiping the sticky layer off.

However, if you use Gelish products often then this top coat can be the best choice for you.


Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


Aimeili is a company from Hong Kong that manufactures gel nail polishes, base coats, and top coats.

Even though they make their polishes in Hong Kong, they use components that come from Germany, the USA, and Japan.

Their products are also cruelty-free and vegan.


Aimeili is the best matte gel top coat if you’re a beginner.

It’s not a professional-grade product, but a great top coat for at-home use.

Aimeili top coat can also last for over 2 weeks without fading, chipping or peeling, if you apply it right, as the manufacturer promises. It can even stay matte after you use lotions and cuticle oil.

This top coat doesn’t need wiping either, because it doesn’t leave a tacky layer.

It looks really matte and is nice and silky to the touch.


Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


Beetles makes various gel polish products for at-home manicures, including a matte top coat.

Beetles gel polishes, base coats, and top coats are all free of 9 toxins. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and have less odor than many other gel polish brands.

That’s a big plus if you prefer low odor nail products.

This matte gel top coat is a no wipe one.

Beetles also sells dipping powders, nail art tools, and UV lamps that they claim to be anti-aging.

Just like KUPA, Beetles sells their matte top coat as part of a trio pack, together with the base coat and the shiny top coat.

Beetles products are pretty much compatible with other brands of gel polishes, which is a big plus.

The only downside is that Beetles manicure may not last as long as the one made with some other brands.


Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


Modelones has the prettiest packaging of all the top coats on this list.

It’s sold in a unique and elegant bottle.

The bottle has a square shape and the cute cap is made of real wood.

It gives you a nice grip when you paint your nails.

Modelones top coat has a lovely no-shine satin look after curing and the manufacturer says your manicure can last for at least 2 weeks.

This matte gel top coat is not as thick as the ones other brands sell. So it’s easier to apply in a thin layer.

Its downside is that it leaves stickiness after curing, so you need to wipe it off with 99% Isopropyl alcohol.

It also may yellow slightly with time.

Modelones matte top coat is available as a set of 3 gel polish products, with the base coat and the glossy top coat.


Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


DND is another brand of professional nail products. It was founded by a team of nail artists in LA, California.

They manufacture their nail products in the USA as DND Duo Packs with a gel nail polish and a matching ordinary nail polish in one set.

Usually, the DND base coat and top coat also come in a Duo pack.


However, you can buy their matte gel top coat separately, but it comes with a package of glitter that you can use for your nail art or makeup. So you still get sort of a duo pack from DND.

Keep in mind that DND matte top coat will only work with their gel polishes or gel polishes from other brands.

It’s a bad idea to use it with their ordinary polishes.

After all, gel top coats and polishes need curing, and ordinary polishes air dry.

So using them together won’t give you any nice results.

The only downside of this matte gel top coat is that it needs wiping with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Orly GelFX

Matte Gel Nails, Best Matte Gel Top Coat Brands, Matte Gel Nail Designs


Orly is one of the oldest brands in the nail industry. It was founded in 1975.

They are famous for their healthy, vitamin-infused, cruelty-free, and vegan nail polishes.

Their line of gel polishes, Orly GelFx, also contains minerals and vitamins A, B5, and E to strengthen your nails.

One of their top products is the Orly GelFX Builder in a Bottle.

It’s an easy to use sculpting gel.

So if you want to use this gel then the best matte gel top coat for it is the Orly GelFX one.

And of course, this top coat works best with Orly’s own gel nail polishes.

You can also use this top coat with other brands of polishes.

Matte gel nails

Matte gel nails have become super-popular.

They look very elegant and are a great match for any season, time of day, and any outfit.

Matte manicure is ideal together with any kind of nail art, embellishments, foil, rhinestones, etc.

And matte gel nails are absolutely as easy to create as an ordinary gel manicure.

How to do matte gel nail designs

You can make matte gel nail designs in the same way as you apply any gel nail polish.

You use the same 3-step application process, where you prepare the nails, apply the basecoat, two layers of the color coat, and the top coat.

The secret:

However, the only major difference between an ordinary gel manicure and a matte gel manicure is the use of a special matte top coat instead of the more common glossy one.

This top coat is the product that makes your nail designs matte, not the color polish.

How to create matte gel nails

You can read about the gel nail polish application process in my articles about professional gel nail polishes and gel base coats and top coats.


In short, buff the nails a bit to remove the shine and improve adhesion.

Then clean them with a lint-free wipe moistened with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any debris.

Base coat

After that apply a very thin layer of the gel base coat. Cure this layer in a UV or a LED lamp to dry it.

Color coat

Then apply two layers of the color coat, curing each layer in the lamp separately.

The layers should be thin as well, or they would form a bubble and come off in a day or two.

Some super-thin and sheer polishes may need more layers for better coverage.

Whereas some thick, bright polishes can be applied in one layer.

Nail art

You can add embellishments or designs on top of the color layers before you add the top coat.

Matte gel top coat

Then apply the matte top coat in a thin layer too.

Cure it in the lamp.

Your nails will be matte and nice to the touch.

The matte top coat only actually turns matte after you have put it under the lamp.

Make sure you cover the entire nail and don’t leave out any spots. Otherwise, these spots will be shiny after curing.

It’s a good idea to use the same brand of matte top coat as the base coat and the color polish you’re using.

Gel products from the same brand are always designed to work together.

It’s even better if the lamp you cure your manicure in is from the same brand too.

Matte gel nail designs

Here are some of the best ideas for matte gel nail designs I’ve found.

One of the most trendy matte gel nail designs is pairing matte black with gold foil or gold polish accents.

Matte gel top coat is to die for when you match it with metallic nail polishes.

Matte gel nails, matte gel top coat

Matte gel top coat is also perfect with color-block designs.

Matte gel nails, matte gel top coat

Matte nails look absolutely amazing with pastel nail polish colors.

Matte gel nails, matte gel top coat

They also look divine with a bit of nail art. The matte surface feels like a piece of velvet fine art paper to the touch.

This is a hot trend now: try a matte gel nail design with a bit of glitter.

To create this design you need to sprinkle the second layer of the color polish with a bit of nail glitter powder before curing the color layer.

Use a gel brush to pick up a bit of glitter and sprinkle the nails lightly.

There should be very little glitter on your nails to get this elegant and subtle look.

After that, you can cure the color polish under a UV/LED lamp.

Then add the matte top coat in a thin layer and cure the top coat too.

This lets you achieve the lovely velvety look with a bit of sparkle

Another popular embellishment for a matte manicure it adding a few rhinestones to one of the fingers. This looks great with neutral colors.

And, of course, matte is an ideal match for a creative take on a french manicure.

You can also use both matte and shiny top coats on your hands for a wide variety of designs.

Have fun experimenting with matte gel nail designs with the help of this guide.

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