Kiara Sky Gel Polish: Full Review And Buying Guide

Kiara Sky gel polish is made by Kiara Sky, an American company that also manufactures nail products, tips, LED/UV lamps, and nail drills. Their most famous product is nail dipping powders that allow people to create beautiful salon style nails at home.

However, Kiara Sky is also well known for making gorgeous gel nail polishes in a wide variety of hot and trendy colors.

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Colorbase CreamKiara Sky Gel Polish, Bare With Me, 15 GramCream one color 2-step gel nail polishCHECK ON AMAZON
Colorbase GlitterKiara Sky - Soak Off Gel Polish Color - (STRIKE GOLD)Glitter one color 2-step gel nail polishCHECK ON AMAZON
OmbrebaseKiara Sky’s Mood Changing Gel Polish - Ombre (Black Swan #812)Mood changing 2-color ombre 2-step gel nail polishCHECK ON AMAZON
Ombrebase GlitterKiara Sky Gel Polish Ombre - G816 SorceressMood changing 2-color ombre 2-step gel nail polish with gold flecksCHECK ON AMAZON
OmbreglowKiara Sky Gel Polish Ombre Glow - G706 KISS AND MAKEUPOmbre glow in the dark 2-step gel nail polishCHECK ON AMAZON
Gel + Lacquer SetKiara Sky Matching Gel Polish + Nail Lacquer, New Yolk City, .5 fl. ozColorbase 2-step gel nail polish with matching ordinary lacquer.CHECK ON AMAZON
Base CoatKiara Sky Soak Off Gel Polish Base Coat .5ozGel base coatCHECK ON AMAZON
Top CoatKiara Sky Soak off gel polish NON WIPE Top Coat 0.5 ozNo wipe gel top coatCHECK ON AMAZON
Matte Top CoatKiara Sky Velvet Matte Non Wipe Gel Top CoatMatte no wipe gel top coatCHECK ON AMAZON

About Kiara Sky gel nail polish

Kiara Sky is based in California. The company’s name is the name of the founder’s little daughter.

The company has several lines of soak-off gel nail polishes, including ones with gorgeous special effects, such as temperature-activated mood change gel polishes, glow in the dark polishes and glitters.

Their products come in cute packaging and are easy to use.

Another great thing:

If you are already using Kiara Sky dipping powders you can apply their gel nail polishes over the dip powder nails and create amazing nail designs!

Great formula

All Kiara Sky gel polishes, the same as any other gel nail polishes, must be cured in a UV/LED lamp.

It’s always better to use a lamp from the same brand as the gel polish you are using because it’s fine-tuned to work with this particular polish.

Kiara Sky LED lamp

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


Kiara Sky gel polish has a nice formula that doesn’t shrink, bubble up or wrinkle in the lamp.


Also, Kiara Sky polish is free of the most toxic chemicals that can cause you harm.

It contains no Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP.

In addition to that, Kiara Sky products are cruelty-free.

Soak off

All Kiara Sky gel polishes are soak-off ones.

It means that you can remove them by simply soaking them off with an acetone-based nail polish remover.

You don’t have to employ a nail drill for removing Kiara Sky gel nail polish.

Kiara Sky gel polish products at a glance

Kiara Sky Gel Polish: Colorbase

Kiara Sky Colorbase is an innovative gel nail polish that you can apply as a 2-step system.

It means that this nail polish has the base coat and the gel color polish mixed in one bottle.

So this system eliminates the need for applying the base coat onto the nail plate for better adhesion and makes your manicure process easier and shorter.

You just start with painting your nails with the desired color. Cure it in the lamp. Add another layer, cure it too. Then finish it off with the top coat.

Optional base coat, required top coat

However, if you are used to applying the base coat first for better adhesion or for protecting the natural nail plate then Kiara Sky Colorbase may as well be used as a 3-step system.

So you can add the base coat first, cure it and apply the Colorbase polish over it.

The use of the base coat is optional.

However, Kiara Sky color polish stays on the nails much better if you do use the base coat.

The use of top coat is a required step when applying Kiara Sky polish.

The top coat has a no wipe formula. And the brand manufactures both glossy and matte top coats.

More about the base coat and the top coats below.

Kiara Sky gel polish cream and glitter

Kiara Sky makes cream Colorbase polishes and glitter ones.

Cream polishes are a bit thinner than the glitter ones and are very easy to apply.

It’s usually enough to apply two layers of the cream polish for complete coverage.

These polishes have been formulated to offer great coverage in 1 or 2 layers.

Glitter polishes are slightly thicker, but two layers are enough for an opaque look when using them too.

If applied right, Kiara Sky polish stays on your nails for at least two weeks.

Most Colorbase polishes have matching dipping powders and ordinary lacquers.

Most popular Kiara Sky gel polish colors

There are lots of colors in Kiara Sky’s Colorbase line.

Here are some of the most popular ones, according to the manufacturer:


Kiara Sky Bare With Me

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


This nude shade goes well with any outfit.

You can wear it for any occasion.

And it fits any kind of office dress code.


Kiara Sky Pure White

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


This is a great shade for painting the smile lines of French manicure nails.

White also makes a nice backdrop for nail art, nail decals, and chrome powders.

Light pink

Kiara Sky Pink Tutu

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


This cotton candy shade of pink is great as the base color for a French manicure.

It’s a perfect shade for a wedding, and a great choice for every day wear.


Kiara Sky Roses Are Red

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


Red is the most glamorous shade of manicure.

It goes well with everything.

And it’s an amazing choice for a date or a night out.

Hot pink

Kiara Sky Don’t Pink About It

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


Hot pink is an ideal shade for a summer manicure.

At the same time, it’s a very stylish color that goes well with everything.

Gold glitter

Kiara Sky Strike Gold

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


Gold glitter is perfect for a holiday manicure and for gorgeous accents on nail designs.


Kiara Sky Black To Black

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


Black is a bold shade that’s very fashionable today.

Kiara Sky Gel Polish: Ombrebase

Kiara Sky Ombrebase is part of the Kiara Sky Gel Effects line.

It’s actually a mood-changing polish that changes its color according to temperature.

This kind of gel polish is the easiest way to get the super trendy ombre effect on your nails.

The color you get out of the bottle is the one that stays on your nails at cooler temperatures.

Kiara Sky calls this shade Wicked.

It’s a more vibrant shade

And the other color is heat-activated.

You get that color on your nails if your hands are warm or if you are holding a warm object. For example, a cup of coffee. Or when you pour warm water on your hands.

This mood change color is called Enchanted by Kiara Sky.

It’s a softer shade.

The second color also comes out on your nails after you cure your manicure in the lamp. It’s activated by the heat of the lamp.

Then as your fingers cool down the first shade comes back, usually on the fingertips. And the lovely ombre effect shows up.

Ombrebase polish may even begin changing color while you are still applying it to your nail plate if you have warm hands or if the room where you are doing your manicure is warm.

Just like the Colorbase polish, Ombrebase is a 2-step product that combines the base coat and the mood change color coat in one bottle.

So the use of the Kiara Sky base coat is optional too.

However, I strongly recommend doing that because it helps your manicure stay longer.

The top coat is again required.

Kiara Sky Ombrebase gel nail polish is also a soak off one.

So you can easily remove it by using an acetone-based remover.

Ombrebase collection has 44 colors.

Here are some popular Ombrebase shades:

Kiara Sky Pinkarella

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


A sweet dusty purple that changes into a cute pastel pink.

Kiara Sky Happily Ever After

Kiara Sky gel polish, Kiara Sky gel nail polish


A creamy orange that changes into a bright apricot color.

Kiara Sky Sorceress

Kiara Sky Gel Polish Ombre - G816 Sorceress


A vibrant purple with gold flecks that changes into a dark pink

Kiara Sky Myth

Kiara Sky Ombre Gel-MYTH-G826


Two amazingly gorgeous shades of red.

Kiara Sky Black Swan

Kiara Sky’s Mood Changing Gel Polish - Ombre (Black Swan #812)


A deep black that changes into an elegant garnet red.

Kiara Sky Gel Polish: Ombreglow

This unique Kiara Sky product gives you 3 colors in one!

Not only does it change color according to temperature like a mood change polish but it also has the added function of glowing in the dark!

So it’s ombre by day and one tone glow in the dark by night.

It glows in one flat color that doesn’t change.

But in the daylight or under any ordinary light it works just like the Ombrebase gel polish.

Ombreglow is another 2-step gel polish by Kiara Sky.

The use of the base coat is optional with this gel polish too.

But again, I’d recommend using the base coat for better adhesion.

This gel polish is also a soak off one.

Kiara Sky Kiss and Makeup

Kiara Sky Gel Polish Ombre Glow - G706 KISS AND MAKEUP


Kiara Sky Haute Mess

Kiara Sky OMBRÉ Glow Soak Off Gel Polish - (705 Haute Mess)


Kiara Sky Gel + Matching Nail Laquer Sets.

Kiara Sky also manufactures professional nail lacquers.

These lacquers are ordinary polishes.

They air dry and you don’t need a UV/LED lamp for curing them.

Each Kiara Sky Colorbase color has a matching nail lacquer color. And you can buy them as a set of 2.

This can be pretty convenient if you don’t have enough time for a gel manicure or don’t have access to a lamp.

Then you can just paint your nails with the ordinary polish that looks exactly like your favorite gel polish.

You can also use a matching nail lacquer for quick touchups of your chipped manicure.

All the nail lacquers are also available separately.


Kiara Sky Matching Gel Polish + Nail Lacquer, New Yolk City,

Kiara Sky Matching Gel Polish + Nail Lacquer, New Yolk City, .5 fl. oz


Yellow is another great summer shade.

It’s also perfect for fun and original nail art.

Kiara Sky gel polish base coat

Kiara Sky Soak Off Gel Polish Base Coat .5oz


Kiara Sky gel base coat is usually the first product you need to apply to your natural nail plate when doing a gel manicure.

It helps the gel nail polish to adhere to the natural nail and your manicure to stay longer.

Kiara Sky Colorbase doesn’t require the use of the base coat, but I’d recommend using it anyway.

Your manicure will live much longer.

Just like any other gel nail product, the base coat is also cured under the UV/LED lamp.

Don’t forget to apply the base coat in a very thin layer.

Otherwise, it may wrinkle under the lamp and won’t adhere to your nail well enough, so your manicure would peel.

Kiara Sky base coat is pretty fluid and is easy to apply in a thin layer.

Unlike the top coat, it’s tacky and you have to make sure to avoid touching anything until you have done your manicure or you will ruin it.

It’s always better to use the base and the top coat from the same brand as your gel polish of choice.

So if you want to use Kiara Sky polishes then you should select Kiara Sky gel base and top coat.

All these products are formulated to work together for the best effect and for better longevity of your manicure.

Kiara Sky no wipe top coat

Kiara Sky Soak off gel polish NON WIPE Top Coat 0.5 oz


The last step in a gel manicure is the application of a clear and shiny or matte top coat.

Kiara Sky manufactures both kinds of top coats.

The traditional top coat is shiny.

It makes your nails look glossy and beautiful and protects your manicure from chipping or peeling.

You should paint the top coat over the color coat, once you cure the final layer of the color coat in the lamp.

Don’t forget to paint it in a very thin layer too. That way it will cure well and stay on longer.

Cure the top coat in the UV lamp in the same way as you did with the base coat.

Kiara Sky top coat is a no wipe top coat that doesn’t leave a sticky layer.

So you don’t need to perform an extra step during your manicure: you don’t have to clean the tackiness off with rubbing alcohol.

And your manicure is quickly done right after you have cured the top coat.

Kiara Sky matte top coat

Kiara Sky Velvet Matte Non Wipe Gel Top Coat


One of the hottest trends in gel manicure these days is matte gel nails.

You don’t need to look for a matte gel polish because that smooth velvety effect is always done with a specially formulated matte gel top coat.

Kiara Sky makes its own matte gel top coat that works great with their gel nail polishes.

When you apply the matte top coat it looks just like the ordinary top coat.

However, it becomes matte and velvety to the touch right after you’ve cured it with the lamp.

Of course, Kiara Sky no wipe and matte top coats work perfectly with all their gel nail polish lines, including Colorbase, Ombrebase, and Ombreglow.

How to apply Kiara Sky gel polish

Paint a very thin layer of Kiara Sky base coat, cure it in the Kiara Sky lamp, or any UV/LED lamp that you have at hand.

However, Kiara Sky’s own lamp is the best one to use.

It is fine-tuned to work with the brand’s gel polishes.

Add two thin layers of the Kiara Sky gel nail polish color that you like the most.

You may apply 3 layers of polish for even smoother and more opaque coverage.

Don’t forget to paint over the free edge of the nail.

Cure each polish layer separately in the lamp before you apply the next layer.

Normally it takes about 30 seconds for each layer to harden in an LED lamp.

After that, you need to apply one thin coat of Kiara Sky gel top coat and cure it under the UV/LED lamp.

Again, with Kiara Sky top coat there’s no need to wipe the stickiness off.

Your manicure is done!

Kiara Sky gel polish over dip powder

You can apply Kiara Sky gel polish over the brand’s dipping powder in the same way as you would apply it to the natural nails.

After you’ve applied the Seal Protect over your dip powder nail and it has dried, file and shape the nail, but don’t buff it.

Clean the nail with 99% Isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free wipe to remove any dust or debris.

You don’t need to apply the ordinary clear base coat to dip nails because Kiara Sky polish has a 2-step formula.

Paint two coats of the Kiara Sky color polish right over your dip powder nails (or over the base coat).

Cure each layer in the Kiara Sky lamp or any UV/LED lamp of choice.

Then apply one thin coat of Kiara Sky no wipe gel top coat.

Cure it in the lamp as well. And you’re done!

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