4 Best Jelly Gel Nail Polish Sets

Glossy translucent jelly nails is one of the hottest trends on social media and on the red carpet. You can create this effect with the help of translucent jelly gel nail polish.

Gel nail polishes are a great choice for doing jelly nails because they are long-lasting and convenient. Here are the best ones.

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Born PrettyBORN PRETTY Pink Gel Nail Polish Nude Gel Polish...Nude jellies.CHECK ON AMAZON
GellenGellen Jelly Gel Nail Polish Kit - Translucent...Nude jellies.CHECK ON AMAZON
GAOYGAOY Holographic Glitter Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish...Holographic glitter magnetic cat-eye jellies.CHECK ON AMAZON
Sevenskisenvenski Jelly Crystal Gel Nail Polish...Autumn amber brown jellies, perfect for tortoiseshell nail art.CHECK ON AMAZON

Best jelly gel nail polish reviews

BORN PRETTY Nude Gel Polish Kit, Sheer Milky Pink Jelly Transparent Gel Nail Polish

BORN PRETTY Pink Gel Nail Polish Nude Gel Polish...



Great selection of nude colors

You get 6 nude tones, including shades of pink, peach, and beige in this set.

The colors are subtle and very natural-looking.

The nudes are transparent because that’s one of the features of jelly nail polishes that helps you create the effect of jelly nails.

The more layers you apply the more intense the colors become.

The colors are universal

These polishes make the nails appear classy and well-groomed.

You can rock the popular jelly trend even with the strictest dress code without looking tacky.

So your jelly manicure won’t be out of place anywhere.

They are perfect for a French manicure.

These polishes also look amazing and natural when painted over acrylic nail extensions.

Good consistency

Born Pretty polishes have enough thickness. So they aren’t runny.

They go on very smoothly with no bubbles.

Despite being so transparent they don’t end up looking streaky, which often happens with sheer or pastel/nude nail polishes.

You can cure them under the lamp in 90-120 seconds and, as the manufacturer promises, they will last for at least 3 weeks.

Very shiny

The polishes have a perfect glossy jelly-like finish.

Non-toxic and low odor

According to Born Pretty, their polishes are healthy, contain no harsh ingredients, and don’t have a strong chemical odor.


All the colors look very similar

This set of gel nail polishes consists of colors that are close to each other in hues and tones.

In addition to that, the polishes are sheer so the colors look very subtle.

This is why the differences between all the polishes are not too noticeable.

To see the color inside the bottle you have to open each bottle

There are no color swatches anywhere on the exterior of the bottle or the cap so you have to open each one to find the shade you’re looking for.

I’d suggest you paint a small dot of polish on the outside of each bottle.

That’s what I always do with mine.

Not a lot of product in the bottles

The bottles are not too big and aren’t filled to the brim.

Gellen Jelly Gel Nail Polish Kit – Translucent Nude Tones 6 Colors

Gellen Jelly Gel Nail Polish Kit - Translucent...



6 great neutral colors

This palette contains 6 delicate neutral pink and brown shades, and one milky white polish.

You can find a suitable color for any skin tone or outfit.

Ideal for a French manicure

All these polishes are ideal for creating French manicure nails.

They are very natural-looking. So your French nails won’t resemble bad press-ons.

In addition to that, you can create beautiful ombre nails with Gellen jelly polishes.

Very fast curing and easy to use

You can dry each polish completely in just 1 minute under an LED lamp.

They go on smoothly, which is great for beginners who are not too experienced with painting their nails.

I was able to create a fun smooth jelly look with just one layer. They don’t go on in streaks.

But you can build up more layers for a more opaque and solid look.

Very long-lasting

When I tried these polishes I was able to wear them for 2 weeks without lifting.


Gellen claims that their polishes are made from natural resin and therefore are free from harmful toxins.


The bottles are very small

You won’t get a lot of product in each bottle. But this set is great for trying out jelly gel nail polishes.

If you build a lot of layers they may take a bit longer to soak off

Since these polishes are very sheer you may want to opt for 3-4 layers. And several gel polish layers may take a longer time to soak off than the standard 2 coats.

A few darker shades look a bit darker than in the product photos

Half of these shades are indeed milky pastel nudes but some of the darker colors look a bit more brownish than in the product photos.

GAOY Holographic Glitter Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set with Cat Eye Magnet and 4 Jelly Base Colors

GAOY Holographic Glitter Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish...

No products found.

This brand is popular in China.


Create a unique and mega-pretty effect on your nails

This nail kit combines two popular nail art effects in one set of polishes.

You get 4 translucent jelly gel nail polish colors plus 2 metallic magnetic cat eye gel nail polishes — one silver and one gold.

The magnetic polishes let you create a cat-eye banding effect on your nails that resembles the appearance of cat-eye gemstones.

You’ll need to use a magnet stick for making this effect. The stick tool is included.

Normally cat-eye polishes are applied over black gel nail polish but with this kit, you can apply these polishes over pastel translucent jelly nails.

This will create the effect of beautiful pastel shimmery cat eye gemstones on your nails. They look absolutely amazing!

SGS-certified non-toxic

The polishes are certified to be non-toxic, low odor, free of the most harmful and allergy-inducing ingredients.


These polishes too can last for 3 or more weeks.

Easy to use

The effect will look great even with one layer of each polish.

But for more depth, I recommend applying 3 coats of jelly gel nail polish and 1 layer of magnetic polish.

First, apply the base coat, then a jelly color polish in 1-3 layers, then a magnetic polish, hold the magnet to create the cat-eye effect, apply a top coat, and you’re done. Don’t forget to cure each layer separately in the process.


The cat-eye effect is pretty subtle

Since the underlay colors are sheer, not black, the cat-eye effect won’t look too pronounced.

You can make it look brighter if you use a black gel nail polish underneath instead of a jelly one.

The magnet included is pretty weak

You will need to hold it very close to the polish surface for several minutes to see the cat-eye effect.

Senvenski Jelly Crystal Gel Nail Polish Translucent Fall Autumn Set Red Coral Orange Grey Amber Brown 6 Colors

senvenski Jelly Crystal Gel Nail Polish...



6 awesome amber shades

These translucent orange/brown polishes will make your nails look like amber.

They are perfect for autumn nail designs.

Bonus tips:

You can create a tortoiseshell nail design with these polishes that can, for example, match your eyeglasses/sunglasses.

The manufacturer also suggests adding a thin coat of white gel nail polish underneath these polishes to make them really pop.


Sevenski polishes are very well-pigmented for jelly gel nail polishes.

They will look visible and beautiful on your nails even in one coat.

Build several layers to make them brighter and more opaque.


According to Sevenski, their products are made from natural resin, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.


These polishes can stay on for 3+ weeks.


Contain HEMA

Hema (2-Hydroxy Ethyl Methacrylate Agent) is a monomer used to polymerize polish and is also used in dental materials.

This ingredient is not considered to be a toxic ingredient. However, it’s a weak to moderate sensitizer. This means that sometimes it can cause allergic reactions.

What is jelly gel nail polish?

Best Jelly Gel Nail Polish Sets

It’s a colored polish that is translucent, not opaque. So it allows the nail plate and the nail line to show through.

What is the difference between gel nail polish and jelly nail polish?

Gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that is close to its qualities to a builder gel.

It’s long-lasting and needs to be cured with a UV lamp.

Jelly nail polishes are not the same as gel nail polishes.

Jelly is a type of finish that looks translucent but has color, like jello.

You can find both regular jelly polishes and jelly gel nail polishes on the market.

What is necessary for the jelly look?

Obviously, you need a jelly gel nail polish that goes on sheer.

In addition to that, use a high-gloss top coat to complete the glazed look.

How can I create long jelly nails?

You can create these trendy nails by building transparent nail extensions and covering them with a jelly gel nail polish or regular polish.

Transparent nail extensions can be made by using clear polygel, builder gel, or clear acrylic powder using forms, dual forms, or transparent tips.

How to apply jelly gel nail polish without streaks?

Polishes like these usually go on in streaks when you apply them in one layer.

So I suggest using 2 or even 3 coats for a more even coverage.

Plus, to prevent streaks from appearing avoid pushing down on the brush when you’re applying the polish and keep it at a 45-degree angle to the nail plate.

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