5 Best Glitter Polygel Nail Kits

Glitter polygel is a fun and easy way to add some glam to your nails and a perfect way to amp up your manicure game.

While glitter nail polish often comes off too easy, glitter polygel stays on a lot longer. You can expect up to 3 weeks of chip-free wear without losing a single sequin. Here are the best glitter polygels and polygel nail kits.

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Top 3 glitter polygel nail kit picks

MakarttMakartt Poly Nail Gel 50ML Red Glitter Stellar...Translucent red standalone polygel in a large package.CHECK ON AMAZON
Makartt KitMakartt Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml, Build Nail Gel...DIY glitter polygel kit with a UV lamp.CHECK ON AMAZON
VrenmolVrenmol Poly Nails Gel Set,Glitter Nail Extension...Glittery purples with a magnetic cat-eye polygel.CHECK ON AMAZON

Best glitter polygel nail kit reviews

Makartt Glitter Polygel, 50 ml, Stellar Red

Makartt Poly Nail Gel 50ML Red Glitter Stellar...



Beautiful color

This polygel has a deep red garnet shade and comes with shiny chunks of red glitter.

It looks amazing, your nails will have the appearance of shiny gemstones! So glamorous!

Standalone product

If you want to try out glitter polygels you can buy just one tube.

No need to get a whole set of colors, half of which you may end up never using.

Large full-sized tube

This polygel comes in a large tube that contains a generous 50 ml of product.

It’s 3-5 times as much as what’s included in the little tubes that come in multicolor sets.

Popular brand

This polygel is manufactured by a popular and best-selling brand that has a good reputation in the industry.

Strong and long-lasting

Makartt polygels are very strong and if you apply this product right it can stay on the nails for 3 weeks.


Not opaque

This polygel is not opaque. It’s a see-through red-tinted polygel with chunky red glitter.

Standalone product

This polygel is not part of any set or kit. It’s sold in a single tube with no slip solution or other supplies or tools included.

You’ll have to buy a brush and dual forms separately too.

No color choices are available

There are no other colors of glitter polygel available in this product range.

Other color choices for that product are all glitter-free.


This polygel is quite sticky.

So if you’re a beginner and find it difficult to manage such a tacky product try to use more slip solution.

It should help to reduce the material’s tackiness and make it easier to work with.

A minus of using more slip solution is that the liquid may run into the cuticles and the polygel will become too slippery.

Makartt Polygel Nail Kit With 24W LED Nail Lamp

Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit 30ml, Build Nail Gel...



All in one kit

This kit contains almost everything you need to get started doing beautiful glitter polygel nails at home.

Includes a UV lamp

No need to look for a UV lamp if you don’t have it.

This set comes with a decent UV/LED lamp that has enough power to cure all enclosed polygels.

It has one 60s timer setting. Plus, at 24W it shouldn’t cause overheating and heat spikes.

The kit is very versatile

You get the 3 most popular polygel types/colors — pink, white, and clear.

These polygels are very versatile and the colors are neutral, universal, and suitable for any occasion.

You can use them for making French manicure polygel nails, including French manicure nails with encapsulated embellishments using the clear one.

Or you can build nail extensions and cover them with gel nail polish.

These polygels make an excellent base for any nail art and nail diamonds.

And you can also mix them with the included glitters.

You can create your own glitter polygels

There are no pre-mixed glitter polygels in this set.

It’s a DIY make your own glitter polygel kit.

The set includes 3 solid color/clear polygels plus 6 loose glitter powders.

Some of them are colored and some are colorless Aurora Borealis powders.

The grain size of these glitters ranges from fine to chunky.

You have endless possibilities for mixing the polygels with the powders.

You can either mix clear polygel with powder or colored one with powder.

Or combine several powders with one polygel to create interesting effects.

Another way to use the glitter powders is to sprinkle them over polygel on the nail and cover this glitter layer with a clear top coat.

Large tubes

These tubes are pretty large for a multicolor set.

They contain 30 ml of product. This is twice as much as what many kits include.

Some manufacturers sell 30 ml tubes as standalone products only.


You’ll need to mix glitter with polygel yourself

This set contains no pre-mixed glitter polygels.

You will need to make them yourself by mixing the included polygels with glitter powders that are also included.

No slip solution

Even though this kit contains lots of supplies and tools and even a UV lamp, surprisingly, it has no slip solution.

You’ll need to buy it separately.

The lamp is small and is not very powerful

The lamp is pretty basic and is not too powerful.

It only has 24W of power. This is pretty low. The best power for professional units should be at least 48W.

A 24W unit cures polishes, gels, and polygels slower than a more powerful lamp.

Plus, it may not be able to cure a thick layer of gel nail polish or some very highly pigmented polishes.

It should cure a thick layer of polygel with no problems though.

This lamp only has one 60s timer setting.

In addition to that, it may not fit the entire hand. So you may have to cure four fingers and the thumb separately.

Vrenmol Glitter Polygel Nail Extension Kit With Cat-Eye Purples

Vrenmol Poly Nails Gel Set,Glitter Nail Extension...



One of the polygels is magnetic

In addition to fine shimmery glitter, this purple polygel contains magnetic particles.

They react to a magnet stick and create a 3D banding effect on the nail that looks like a cat-eye stone.

Magnet stick is included

No need to look for a magnet tool to use with the cat-eye polygel. It comes together with this set.

Use the magnet tool by holding it close to the sculpted nail without touching it while the polygel is still soft.

When the banding effect looks good cure the nails under the lamp.

Beautiful colors

Even though all the colors are in the purple range, they are to die for!

Several glitters

There are several types of glitter mixed in with these polygels — from fine shimmers to more chunky ones.

Strong and long-lasting

Vrenmol glitter polygels withstand wear and tear very well. You can expect them to last for at least 3 weeks.

Small bottles are full to the brim

It’s often a bummer with multicolor polygel sets that not only do they contain tiny tubes of polygel, all these tubes are just half-full.

This is not the case with this kit.

Even though the packaging of each polygel is teeny tiny, they contain all the promised 15 g of product.


A small range of colors

All polygels come in a monochrome purple color range, from dark purple to light lavender.

There is no choice of different hues in this set.

Small tubes

Since this is a multicolor set mostly usable for sampling different effects, it contains smaller tubes than what standalone polygels are sold in.

Each tube is only 15 g. It’s more than 3 times less than what Makartt’s single tube of Stellar Red glitter polygel contains.


These polygels are somewhat sticky and slippery.

Again, use more slip solution to make them more manageable but don’t overuse it or the material will slide off your nails.

No additional supplies or tools

This kit only contains polygels and a magnet tool.

If you’re just starting out you’ll also have to buy all the necessary tools, a base coat, a top coat, and a UV lamp.

Modelones Polygel Nail Kit – 6 Colors

Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit - 6 Colors Poly...



Contains chunky glitter confetti in fun shapes

3 of the 6 polygels in this kit contain glitter.

These are clear polygels with chunky Aurora Borealis glitter.

One tube contains star-shaped glitter, another one has heart-shaped glitter, and the third one comes with cute butterfly-shaped glitter.

Perfect for a French manicure

This set is ideal for making stunning French manicure nails.

It comes with two shades of pink for building the French manicure nail bed.

One is a cooler pink and another one is a warmer peachy pink.

It’s a great choice that basically covers any skin tone.

Plus, you get a pure white polygel and 3 clear polygels with chunky glitter. All of them are amazing for creating French manicure smile lines.

Choose the white one for a more formal French manicure and a clear one with glitter for the trendy encapsulated style.

Comes with additional supplies and tools

Most necessary supplies and tools for working with polygel are included.

So it’s a great starter kit if you want to try making your own nail extensions at home instead of going to a salon.

Great nail art set

Not only does this kit contain fun glitter polygels, but it also includes loose holographic glitter powder and rhinestones.

So you can create amazing and trendy princess-style nail art with all these supplies.

Good consistency

These polygels have a very nice consistency.

They are neither too hard nor too runny, or sticky.

This makes them very easy to work with.


All the polygels are non-toxic and odor-free. Plus, they have SGS and MSDS safety certificates.

SGS is an international consumer safety certification body.

MSDS is a material safety data sheets certificate.

Popular reputable brand

Like Makartt, Modelones is one of the leading names in polygels and gel nail polishes.


3 glitter polygels look very much alike

All 3 polygels that contain glitter look pretty much the same.

They are all clear polygels with chunky iridescent glitter mixed in.

The only difference between them is the shape of the glitter.

No UV lamp included

Even though these polygels come with forms, brushes, and other necessities, there is no UV lamp in this set. You’ll have to buy it separately.

Chunky glitter may be difficult to manage

Since clear polishes have large glitter particles they may be difficult to manage.

You need to move the material and maneuver these sequins to lay right to keep the surface of the nails smooth.

And this is quite tricky and requires some practice.

Pinks are translucent

Both pinks aren’t completely opaque.

Small 15 g tubes

Vrenmol Glitter Polygel Nail Kit

vrenmol Poly Nails Gel Glitter Builder Nail Gel...



Good choice of colors

Most kits on this list don’t offer a good choice of colors.

However, this glitter polygel nail kit consists of 6 tubes with a different hue in each.

The colors are very trendy, vibrant, and beautiful.

Lots of glitter

Each polygel is packed with lots of sparkly diamond glitter.

Like, really LOTS of bling!

Your nails will look like stunning jewels if you use them.

Good consistency

These polygels aren’t sticky, runny, and are very pliable.

They go on smoothly and are easy to file to perfection after you have cured them.

Sometimes glitter gels and polygels may be tricky to file because glitter falls off in chunks and leaves cavities on the surface.

But this product has a good even distribution of glitter and its particles are pretty small so it’s easy to create a smooth finish with it.

9-free formula

Vrenmol polygels are all non-toxic and are formulated without the 9 most dangerous substances.

Come in a pretty gift box


Take longer to cure

Since these polygels are packed with reflective glitter, they may take longer to cure under a UV lamp than regular polygels.

Add more time under the lamp if necessary.

No additional supplies

Don’t be confused by any product photos.

This kit only contains 6 polygels. There is no base coat or top coat included.

Small 15 g tubes

The tubes are small, which is often a feature of multicolor polygel nail kits.

And unfortunately, they aren’t completely full. So this is more like a sample set.

What is glitter polygel?

Best Glitter Polygel Nail Kits

It’s a kind of polygel that has been mixed in with glitter.

Glitter is made of small plastic sparkly flakes.

Why you shouldn’t use craft glitter with polygel?

Glitters that are part of glitter polygels or that come in small jars included in polygel nail kits are cosmetic-grade glitters.

They meet cosmetic-grade standards and are safe for your health and skin.

That means they won’t cause allergy or irritation.

In addition to that, cosmetic-grade glitter is made of non-toxic PET plastic.

And craft glitter is usually made of metal foil.

Polygel can’t be soaked off. You need to file it off.

Metal glitter heats up when you file it. So it may even be dangerous for your health because of that.

However, PET plastic cosmetic glitter never heats up and you won’t have any problems removing it with no hazard to your health.

In addition to that, polygel is great to use with glitter because polygel filings are heavy and when bound with glitter they will fall to the table and you won’t inhale glitter.

Glitter polygel vs glitter nail polish

Polygel stays on a lot longer than any nail polish.

You can expect 3-4 weeks of wear.

If your nail plate has defects glitter nail polish will only make them stand out.

But if you use polygel you can sculpt a nail overlay on your natural nails or nail extensions that will completely cover your nail plate with a smooth sparkly coat.

Plus, glitter nail polish is very stubborn and notoriously difficult to remove, even with acetone.

Polygel requires no acetone. You can file it off with a nail file and all the glitter will get filed off with it too.

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