6 Best Glass Top Manicure Table Units That May Be Perfect For Your Salon

A glass top manicure table looks stylish and is ideal for a modern nail salon interior. Nail techs spend hours at the manicure table. So this piece of furniture must be very comfortable and have enough storage space for all the equipment and supplies necessary for perfect manicures.

Here are the best glass top manicure tables that are both beautiful and functional.

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J&A WhiteJ&A Glass Top Manicure Table with Draft Vent, 3 Open Storage Cabinets, 3 Spacious Drawers, Padded Hand Rest for Storage, Locking Wheels Rounded Edges, Built-in Draft Fan, White, JA-DP-TABLEVENTWhite glass top table with a vent, a hand rest, and lots of storage. Movable with wheels.CHECK ON AMAZON
J&A WalnutJ & A Glass Top Manicure Table - Walnut for Salons & Spas, JA-DP-TABLEThe same table in walnut.CHECK ON AMAZON
Icarus YaoIcarus'Yao' White Solid Wood Glass Top Manicure Table With DrawerSimple table with two drawers.CHECK ON AMAZON
Icarus MingIcarus'Ming' Black Manicure Table With Glass TopModern table with two drawers.CHECK ON AMAZON
Berkeley BlackFiona Manicure Nail Table Station Black (Table Top & Legs) for Beauty Spa SalonLong table with a glass insert.CHECK ON AMAZON
Berkeley WhiteFIONA Manicure Table WHITE Stylish and Elegant Nail Table for Nail Salon, ManicureThe same table in white.CHECK ON AMAZON

Best glass top manicure table

J&A Glass Top Manicure Table In White

Glass top manicure table


J&A glass top manicure table is stylish and functional.

It has everything that a nail tech needs already built in.

There is a soft padded hand rest for a client.

The hand rest is made of a soft cushion.

It provides the maximum comfort for the nail salon customer.

The table also has a built-in draft vent with a fan and a dust bag.

The vent helps you collect all the dust and debris while you’re working and filing the nails.

It’s mounted into the glass top. Which is very convenient.

You don’t have to give up a lot of space by placing a large nail dust collector on the glass surface if you only use this vent.

J&A table’s measuremets are: 43.25″L x 16.5″W x 31″ H.

The width and height of this table are ideal for the comfort of both the client and the nail tech.

Both the customer and the nail technician can sit comfortably at this table without having to bend for reaching across the top surface.

The width and the length give you enough counter space to place any equipment and supplies you may need.

But if you want to keep your table neat the unit has a lot of storage space to hold all the polishes, acrylic powders, gels, nail drills, and any other items within your reach.

There are two storage cabinets. One on each side of the table.

The first cabinet has three open shelves and the second cabinet has three drawers, with the bottom drawer being the largest.

These drawers are perfect for storing gel nail polishes away from the natural UV light.

In addition to that, you can place some of your supplies on top of each of the cabinets below the glass surface.

For example, these are the perfect spots for placing UV lamps for curing gel nail polishes, gels, and polygels.

Most of the lamps available on the market will fit there without any problems.

The glass surface is made of durable frosted glass. It has rounded edges.

The table is painted white and looks very stylish and modern. It would be a great addition to any salon’s interior.

J&A manicure table is easy to move around. It has 8 wheels: each of the cabinets has 4.

The wheels come with locking mechanisms to prevent accidental movement while you’re working.

This table is part of J&A’s collection of glass top salon furniture that also includes a matching glass top reception desk and a pedicure trolley cart.

The only downside is that the vent is weaker than most nail dust collectors so you may want to replace it by mounting an actual dust collector into that fixture.

J&A Glass Top Manicure Table In Walnut

Glass top manicure table


This J&A glass top manicure table is absolutely identical to the J&A glass top table that I’ve reviewed above.

It has the same measurements, storage cabinets, hand rest, and dust vent.

The only difference is that this table’s color is walnut, not white, and the glass is dark.

The hand rest is also dark to match the table’s color.

This desk fits a modern salon that has dark shades in its interior design, including black or brown furniture.

The walnut glass top manicure table has a matching glass top salon reception desk and a pedicure trolley cart made by J&A too.

A downside of this table is that nail dust is more visible against a dark table surface than against a white one.

So you’ll have to clean the table more often or it would look stained.

Icarus Yao White Glass Top Manicure Table

Glass top manicure table


Icarus Yao glass top manicure table is a simple and sleek piece of furniture that can fit just about any interior style. But it would look the best in a luxury salon.

Unlike the J&A glass top manicure tables, this unit has no vent or hand rest.

You’ll need to buy a nail dust collector and an armrest separately. (Links)

Even though some of the pictures show outlets included in this unit, the manufacturer has updated this model. So it no longer comes with the outlets.

The measurements of the Icarus Yao table are 29″H x 39.5″L x 15.75″W.

The width and height are great for both the nail tech’s and the client’s comfort.

This unit is a bit more compact than the J&A table. So it can fit into a smaller space. It’s also ideal for nail techs working at home.

However, the Yao table doesn’t have much storage space. There are no side cabinets.

This unit only has two drawers and an open shelf in the middle under the top surface.

The drawers are still enough to hold an entire collection of nail supplies.

And the 12″ x 5.5″ open shelf is perfect for housing a UV/LED lamp.

The table is coated with glossy paint and the top surface is covered with a sheet of frosted glass

The glass makes this table look sleek and beautiful. It’s very is easy to clean.

Also, unlike the J&A unit, the Icarus Yao table doesn’t have wheels and can’t be moved around.

Icarus Ming Glass Top Manicure Table

Glass top manicure table


Icarus Ming manicure table is somewhat similar to the Icarus Yao unit.

Both tables have a glossy painted finish, a glass sheet covering the top surface, and the same storage space.

There are two drawers: one on each side, and an open shelf in the middle useful for placing a UV lamp. And the table has no storage cabinets.

These two tables even have absolutely the same measurements: 29″H x 39.5″L x 15.75″W.

But that’s where the similarities end.

The Icarus Ming table has a very modern look and construction, and the color of the unit is black.

This elegant manicure table will fit a very modern, sleek salon interior with dark furniture and decor.

It may be out of place in a salon with Revival furniture.

This unit has no wheels either, so you can’t move it around easily.

Berkeley Fiona Glass Top Manicure Table In Black

Glass top manicure table


Berkeley Fiona manicure table is also
similar to the Icarus units.

It has two drawers, an open shelf in the middle, and no cabinets.

But the measurements are different. This table is longer and wider than the Icarus ones.

Its measurements are: 44″L X 17.875″W X 30″H.

The width and the height are convenient for the client and the nail tech too.

And the length provides more top surface space and a bit more storage space under that surface.

Instead of a solid glass top, the Fiona manicure table has a glass insert in the middle, just above the open shelf.

If you place a UV lamp on that shelf you’ll be able to see its timer through the glass.

There is a soft armrest for the client for added comfort in front of this glass insert.

Nail dust may be more visible against the dark pained finish of this table. So you may want to invest in a nail dust vacuum since this unit has no vent.

Berkeley Fiona is made of MFD and has an acetone-proof finish. So you don’t have to worry about any spillages, they won’t damage it.

The table has a vintage-inspired design. It would look great in a luxury salon.

It will also look really pretty together with Victorian-styled furniture. For example, with Mayakoba…, made by the same manufacturer.

Berkeley Fiona comes almost fully assembled. You will only need to attach the legs to it.

Berkeley Fiona Glass Top Manicure Table In White

Glass top manicure table


This is absolutely the same table as the Berkeley Fiona reviewed above, but this unit comes in white.

Its plus is that nail dust will be less noticeable against the white finish.

This vintage-inspired table is a great fit for a luxury nails salon with a light-colored interior.

And it’s a great match for the Mayakoba salon furniture in white. It would look especially good together with their Victorian-style Revival salon reception desk.

What to look for in a glass top manicure table?

Glass top manicure table


Glass top manicure tables have a sleek and glossy design. So they fit modern style interiors the best. But will work well for any interior design style.

A glass top table is a great addition to a luxury salon.

The smooth glass surface has a chic appeal.


You can buy glass top manicure tables in both brown/black and white. So they can fit any interior color and match other pieces of furniture, especially units with glass top surfaces. Such as reception desks and pedicure trolley carts.


The manicure table is the main piece of furniture used by a nail technician.

Nail techs spend most of their workday at the manicure table so the unit you choose must be extra-comfortable.

The best height for the nail table is over 28″-29″ (73-75 cm).

And the best width of the top surface is 15″-17″ (40-45 cm).

That way both the nail technician and the client can sit in the most comfortable position even though the longest manicure procedures.

It’s also nice when a table already includes an armrest so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Counter space and storage

The table should have enough counter space for all the equipment and supplies that a nail tech may need to have within their reach.

It also must have enough storage space under the table surface for keeping the top surface neat and tidy.

The equipment and the supplies that you may want to store inside the table’s cabinets can include nail drills, UV/LED lamps, a nail dust vacuum, gels, acrylic powders, polygels, and many bottles with different shades of gel nail polishes.


Some tables can also include a vent for collecting the nail dust from nail filing.

These vents save the counter space. However, the fans inside of them may not be powerful enough for collecting all the dust in a busy salon environment.

So it’s a good idea to fix a special salon ventilation system to that vent.

Glass top manicure tables may be movable with a set of wheels. But they never come foldable and portable because of the glass surface.

You can also get a matching salon reception desk with a glass front and a glass top pedicure trolley cart for any glass top manicure that you choose. And your salon will look amazing with this sleek and stylish furniture.

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