Best Black Salon Reception Desk: Get A Beautiful Statement Piece For Your Reception Area

If you want to make a bold statement in your salon then a black salon reception desk would be perfect for your space.

After all, a reception desk is the focal point that welcomes customers to your salon. So if you want to leave an amazing first impression it’s time to invest in a luxury salon reception desk.

Dir Revival IIrevivalA Victorian Revival deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir GeorgiangeorgA Georgian Revival deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Star Ferrystar (1) (1)A gorgeous LED-illuminated desk with metal feetCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Alex4105bl-01-150x150A beautiful luxury curved deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir LangaralangarasmSimple, sleek, and modernCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Gattino4405BL-51-150x150A modern desk with a huge LED panelCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir Orsacchiotto4406-150x150The smallest oneCHECK ON AMAZON
Dir JanusjanussmA space-saving L-shaped deskCHECK ON AMAZON
Pibbs 503151sUp+jQlZL._AC_SL1500_Another curved desk on legsCHECK ON AMAZON
LCL Beauty51BtJW6DEoL._AC_SL1500_Desk with a lot of storage space and a large counterCHECK ON AMAZON
Puresanapuresana1A simple budget deskCHECK ON AMAZON

Here are the best black salon reception desks I could find:

Dir Revival II Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Dir is a maker of beautiful and high-quality furniture for beauty salons, nail salons, spas, etc.

Dir stands for Dream In Reality.

This amazingly gorgeous wooden reception desk with delicate carved details is made in the Victorian Revival style. Hence the name.

The Revival style of fine furniture was very popular during the Victorian era.

It borrowed heavily from other historical styles, like Rococo, Baroque, Gothic.

This lovely Victorian-style reception desk has a smooth lacquered finish and elegant curved lines.

This is a great focal point for a high-end luxury salon. Especially if this salon has black furniture of black decor elements in its interior design.

To make Dir Revival even more beautiful the manufacturer has installed an LED illuminated glass front panel, where you can place a vinyl logo of your salon if you want.


There is a large working space in the back of the desk with a nested keyboard sliding tray. And enough storage space for all your needs with two drawers, including a lockable one, and two side cabinets.

You can pull a chair close to this desk because there is some leg space below the keyboard tray.

This is a very sturdy and well-made salon reception desk. And it’s quite heavy, just under 300 lbs.

The dimensions are 55″(W) x 43 1/4″(H) x 20″(D).

Dir also makes the same Revival desk model with silver accents instead of the black carved ones.

Dir Georgian Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Dir Georgian black salon reception desk is also made in the Revival style of fine salon furniture.

As the name suggests, it borrows heavily from one of the most beautiful historical periods of furniture design, the Georgian era.

The sophisticated Georgian desk is another great piece of furniture for a luxury salon.

This wooden desk has a black lacquered finish with delicate details and silver legs.

There is an oval glass front panel illuminated with LED lights.

The tall counter is convenient for the customers to check out at.


Dir Georgian also has a wide working space on the back with a keyboard slide-out tray and ample storage below.

There are two side cabinets, one open and one closed, two drawers, including a drawer with a lock, and a shelf in the middle.

The shelf is not removable but still leaves some legroom for the receptionist unless the chair is pulled too close to the desk.

Dir Georgian arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Its measurements are 21.7″(D) x 45.7″(W) x 43.9″(H).

Dir Star Ferry Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Dir Star Ferry is a chic, sleek, and modern black salon reception desk with an oval shape and four curved legs.

It looks really high end with curved lines, glossy lacquered finish and a string of white LED lights running along the front.

A perfect piece of furniture for a luxury contemporary salon!

Star Ferry is pretty compact but functional.


There is enough working space on the back along with a keyboard slide-out tray.

The storage space is limited though. You only get one lockable drawer and two large open shelves below.

The downside of this set up is that there are no cabinets and no leg room because of the shelves.

The desk’s dimensions are 50″(W) x 43.5″(H) x 24″(D).

Dir Star Ferry comes already assembled.

The only component you need to install is the four metal legs that are actually optional. They just make the desk taller.

Dir Alex Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Dir Alex black salon reception desk can become the perfect focal point for a modern high-end beauty salon.

It’s a chic and sophisticated unit with a black glossy painted finish, curved lines, and graceful details.

There is a white LED-illuminated tempered frosted glass panel at the front of the desk.

Dir Alex comes with an additional front glass shelf that you can install if you want.

The desk has a large counter area, which is very convenient for client check-out and payment processing.


There is also a wide working area counter on the back.

Dir Alex has ample storage space in the back too, with two cabinets, one of which is open and the other one is closed, two drawers, including a lockable one, and a nested keyboard slide-out.

There is also enough legroom for the receptionist.

The measurements of the desk are 52″(W) x 44″(H) x 20.5″(D). But it looks pretty compact and can fit just about any salon.

The unit arrives already assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Dir Langara Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Langara is a simple and sleek ultra-modern black salon reception desk with aluminum accents.

It’s a beautiful and high-quality piece of furniture for a luxury salon.

The high gloss black surface has a durable white PVC laminate finish.

The desk has a square shape and is a great fit for a contemporary reception area.

There is a top counter for customer checkout and payments.

The slot right below the counter is illuminated with cool white LED lights.


The back of the desk houses a vast working area with a sliding tray for a keyboard.

Langara desk features ample storage with lots of drawers, several shelves, and one side cabinet. One of the top drawers is lockable.

All the drawers and the cabinet door have soft close hinges and high-quality hardware.

The bottom shelf is fixed so there is not much room for long legs if you draw your chair too close to the desk.

The desk’s measurements are 48″(W) x 20″(D) x 43″(H).

This item also comes fully assembled out of the box.

Dir Gattino Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Gattino means “a kitten” in Italian.

What a lovely name for such a neat and stylish black salon reception desk!

This desk is not only pretty but also classy, modern and sleek.

It’s a perfect focal point for a contemporary beauty salon.

Dir Gattino has a large frosted glass front panel with LED lighting and a glossy black painted finish.

The desk’s dimensions are 63″(W) x 43″(H) x 25″(D).

The Gattino desk has a small glass counter at the top. This counter is for the clients to check out at.


There is also a very long and wide working space for the receptionist in the back.

The desk is quite compact but has a lot of storage space. Including two drawers (one of them is lockable for safety), two side cabinets (one of them is open), and a shelf.

You can’t stretch your legs too far because of the shelf, but you may find that storage space useful.

Additional convenient details are a keyboard slide-out tray and a desk grommet cable holder to keep all the cords neatly organized.

Dir Gattino comes almost fully assembled. You just need to screw both large parts of the desk together.

Dir Orsacchiotto Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Dir Orsacchiotto (“little bear” in Italian) is the smallest black salon reception desk on this list.

The measurements are only: 25″(W) x 42″(H) x 15.5″(D).

So Dir Orsacchiotto absolutely ideal for a tight space.

At the same time, it has absolutely everything you need.


In fact, with two large cabinets, it has more storage space than many large desks I’ve reviewed here.

In addition to that, it has a keyboard slide-out tray and an extensive working area the back.

You won’t get any drawers, locking drawers, or shelves with Dir Orsacchiotto. It doesn’t have any leg room either.

But that’s the price you pay for a super-compact unit.

This modern black glossy salon reception desk looks very cute.

Its entire front surface is occupied by a large square tempered frosted glass panel. It’s illuminated with white LED lights.

There is a little display shelf with LED illumination under the counter area above the front glass panel.

You can place nail polishes, skincare products, and other things you want to upsell to your clients there.

Dir Orsacchiotto arrives pre-assembled and ready to install. No need to put it together.

Dir Janus Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Dir Janus is the only curved desk in Dream In Reality’s line of salon furniture.

It’s an L-shaped unit that you can place in the corner if you have a small salon and want to save some extra space.

The dimensions are: 39.4″(D) x 57″(W) x 42.1″(H). The length is actually measured along the curve. So the width of the desk is smaller than 57″.

Dir Janus is a sleek modern-style desk. It has a nice black glossy finish and two strings of LED lights running along the curved front both at the top and at the bottom.

So chic!

The curved desk has a very long counter with a lot of space, where the clients can check out and make payments.


There is also plenty of storage room and a lot of working space in the back of the unit.

The Janus desk has a lockable drawer and several open shelves.

It has no cabinets built in though.

There are two models of side cabinets available as extension units for this desk. One is a storage cabinet and the other one is a display cabinet. They are sold separately.

Dir Janus comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

Pibbs 5031 Curved Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Pibbs 5031 is another curved black salon reception desk on this list.

It’s a high quality, durable unit that is made in America.

The manufacturer promises that it will last many years.

It looks very elegant with stainless steel legs, black laminate, and a geometric silver accent in the middle.

The measurements are 42″(H) X 23″(D) X 60″(W).

There is a long curved counter at the top for customer check-out.

However, unlike the Dir Janus desk, this unit doesn’t have a large counter on the back.


The working space for the receptionist is shaped like a pretty small semi-circle.

Under that semi circle, there are only two drawers and no other storage space. But Pibbs 5031 has a lot of room for the legs.

So, even though you can’t store too many things inside this desk, you’ll be able to sit there with comfort.

Another plus is that both drawers have a lock. All the units I’ve reviewed here only have either one lockable drawer or none at all.

Pibbs desk ships fully assembled, so you can install it right after it arrives.

LCL Beauty Black Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Even though it’s a very affordable unit, LCL black salon reception desk is a pretty large one.

Its measurements are 54.25″(W) x 20″(D) x 39″(H).

So it has a lot of storage space for all your needs.

There are two side cabinets: one closed cabinet with a removable shelf and one open cabinet.


The desk has two drawers, one of them is lockable, a sliding nested keyboard tray, a small storage space under that tray, and a large storage cubby for a computer or something like that.

The wide top of the unit serves both as a counter for clients and as a large working space for the receptionist.

This black salon reception desk looks sleek and elegant with a brushed steel front accent and black laminate finish.

The unit is made of MFD.

The laminate is very easy to clean.

There is no LED lighting installed on this desk.

The downside of this unit is that it doesn’t arrive assembled. But you can order the expert assembly service for an additional fee.

Puresana Salon Reception Desk

Black Salon Reception Desk

Puresana is the most affordable black salon reception desk on our list.

To be honest, it’s not precisely black. But it has a very dark brown color, almost black.

Since it’s a budget unit, it’s pretty simple and quite compact. So it’s great for a small area.

The dimensions are: 42″(H) x 48″(W) x 24″(D).

It doesn’t look like a luxury unit. It’s a plain square-shaped traditional-style desk.

So you won’t get any embellishments, like LED panels or strings of light. The finish is not glossy. There’s no marble counter or anything like that.

But it has everything a beauty salon receptionist needs.

There is a narrow counter for the customers to make payments at, and a wide working surface for the receptionist on the back.

Puresana desk even has a lot of storage space, including, a lockable drawer and a large storage cabinet, and a shelf with adjustable height.

You can stretch your legs under the shelf if you don’t attach it too low, which is a plus.

The desk doesn’t come pre-assembled, but you can select the assembly service option at the checkout for an extra fee.

If you’d like to put it together yourself then you can use the instructions manual that comes with the unit.

How to choose a black salon reception desk


Your reception desk is extremely important for the overall look of your salon.

So it must match other furniture and decor.

This list has all kinds of units, from modern to Revival, to traditional budget desks.

Of course, if you have a high-end salon choose a sleek modern or a Revival piece. They would be a perfect fit for a luxury reception area.

If you don’t have too much space choose a compact or a curved desk.

You can install a curved unit in a corner and save a lot of space.


Ornate details, silver accents, LED lighting, and a frosted glass panel can really enhance the look of a desk.

These details make a great impression and are ideal for a high-end salon.

Storage and function

If you need a lot of storage then choose a unit that has several drawers, cabinets or shelves.

And if you are accepting cash then get a desk with a lockable drawer. It’s also useful for keeping personal belongings safe.

Your salon’s receptionist may also need a working space in the back and a keyboard slide-out tray, which most desk models already have.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a counter for your clients. It should be tall and wide enough for them to be able to comfortably check out and make payments.


Most desks come already assembled out of the box.

However, budget models may need assembly.

If you feel you can’t do it yourself then Amazon usually offers their expert assembly service for an additional fee.

A black salon reception desk always looks classy and elegant and can make a great entry point for your salon. I hope this list is useful for you and you can make your perfect choice.

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