Black Nails With Diamonds: 18 Dramatic Black Nail Designs With Diamonds

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Black gel nail polish, black nail lacquer, or black acrylic nails make a perfect background for any kind of nail art. Pair black nails with diamonds (black nails with rhinestones) and you’ve got an elegant, dramatic, and gorgeous design. Here are 18 amazing examples of black nail designs with diamonds created by the world’s top nail technicians.

Black nails with diamonds: acrylic nails

This manicure is my favorite one on this list. It’s so unique!

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The design features little painted Star Wars art with black nail polish and black pointy diamonds glued on.

It’s amazing how the nail artist was able to create these miniature R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Star Wars logo paintings on such a small set of canvases.

These black nails with diamonds are a must-have for a Star Wars fan!

These black acrylic ballerina shaped nails have pointy black diamonds glued on.

The rhinestones cover the entire surface of the index finger’s nail on each hand.

Covering all of the black nails with rhinestones would be over the top.

All other nails on each hand are done in several different techniques.

One nail has a black glossy finish, another one is matte, and the ring fingers have a painted design over some dark silvery glitter.

These glossy long black nails with diamonds have silver foil on two fingers and a few small Aurora Borealis crystals at the base of the middle and the ring fingers.

Aurora Borealis is one of the most beautiful rhinestone colors with its tiny flashes of various pastel hues.

These acrylic nails feature a striking combination of black and rose gold.

The nails that are covered in black nail polish have rose gold-colored diamonds attached at the base and golden wire accents.

One nail on each hand is covered in rose gold chrome powder.

Two nails on one hand feature candy cotton pink polish with matte and glossy top coats.

These nails are decorated with golden wire and gold-colored Swarovski crystals and small metal embellishments.

And one nail on the other hand is fully paved with gold-colored diamonds and embellishments.

These dramatic stiletto nails combine black and pink matte finish with Aurora Borealis and pink Swarovski diamonds and Aurora Borealis mirror chrome powder accents along with unicorn-shaped tips.

These matte gel nails feature sculpted gel roses along with tiny silver and Aurora Borealis diamonds and beads.

So much attention to detail here!

These super-long black and red matte acrylic nails feature heart motifs and red diamonds of various sizes and cuts.

This is a great design for Valentine’s Day or a date.

This is another set of red and black nails with large painted roses on both ring fingers and a striking red chrome powder on the pinky fingers of both hands.

The middle fingers combine matte and glossy finish in a simple geometric pattern.

And the nails on the index fingers are glossy with large red diamonds framed by small gold-colored rhinestones.

Black nail designs with diamonds: gel nail polish on natural nails

This lovely French manicure features a peachy pink base color and a black smile line.

A classic combination of shades!

Several black and white Swarovski crystals adorn a cute painted butterfly design, which is creatively split between two fingers.

This gel polish manicure combines glossy gel polish on four fingers with rose gold glitter covering the pinky finger’s nails.

And the ring finger features a half sun paved with golden Swarovski crystal flatbacks.

This glossy black gel manicure features a matte geometric design on a grey background on the ring finger.

Black, silver, and red diamond flatbacks are laid at the base of the finger in a semi-circle pattern.

A long pear-shaped red diamond makes a nice color accent against the neutral grey gel nail polish.

This matte gel manicure combines bronze metal wire on all fingers with Aurora Borealis diamonds and micro pixie metal beads on one of the nails.

There are 3 tiny round diamonds and one larger square rhinestone.

This gel manicure on squoval nails features different designs on all the four fingers that you can see in the photo.

The index finger is done with a sugar glitter effect, which creates a nice rough texture that contrasts the glossy gel top coat on all the other fingers.

The pinky is covered with a simple black gel nail polish with a glossy top coat.

The middle finger and the ring finger are painted with a cute peachy nude pink.

Both fingers have black nail designs with diamonds and tiny silver beads at the base of the nails.

And the tip of the middle finger is stamped with a delicate lace ornament.

So elegant!

And these black nails with diamonds are very similar to the previous design.

But they have painted roses instead of the stamped lace on the middle fingers, and the nails are oval.

This is a pretty simple design that you can easily re-create at home.

Just paint your nails with your favorite black gel nail polish, add a matte top on one of the fingers, and glue several cute Swarovski diamonds to that nail.

This is one of the easiest black nail designs with diamonds on this list!

Again, paint your nails black, use the glossy top coat on four fingers and the matte top coat on your ring finger.

Add several golden diamond flatbacks and you have a nice manicure for a rock concert because these pointy diamonds on the black background look like studs on a black leather jacket.

Another super simple but gorgeous gel nail design!

This design looks especially good on elongated almond nails.

Use a matte top coat on all your black nails and glue a number of princess cut colored diamonds. They’ll look great against the black background!

These black nails with rhinestones feature beautiful geometric patterns that remind me of the 60s op art fashion and Emilio Pucci prints.

And simple black matte nails with small white diamonds glued at the base make elaborate geometric designs really pop.

As you can see, black nail designs with diamonds don’t have to be boring or too simple.

They can be easy to create but will still look striking and beautiful.

Black nails with diamonds can be done with gel nail polish on natural nails or over acrylic nails.

Black nails with rhinestones look good when they are long but they also look amazing even when they are short.

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