Best Nail Dryer Table: Choose A Perfect Nail Drying Table Or A Nail Drying Station For Your Salon

A nail drying station or a nail dryer table is a must-have for a busy upscale salon.

You can accommodate more clients in less time because the nail tech only performs a manicure, and then the customer moves to a nail drying table. So the client doesn’t have to stay at the nail tech’s table while the nails are drying.

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Mayakoba SonomaMAYAKOBA Sonoma Square Nail Dryer Table with Granite Top, UV Manicure Pedicure Dryer Nail Salon Furniture Equipment, Modern WhiteA beautiful centerpiece with a white marble topCHECK ON AMAZON
Lanel — 3×3Deluxe Nail Drying Table - 3X3Very durableCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba Verona IIVERONA II Nail Dryer Table with Granite Top, Square UV Nail Dryer Table, Nail Salon Furniture & EquipmentA gorgeous unit with a two-tone hardwood veneer finishCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba Avon IAVON I Nail Dryer Table with Granite Top, Square UV Nail Dryer Table, Nail Salon Furniture & Equipment, Cherry Wood & Silver WhiteA compact table with a dark-brown cherry wood finish CHECK ON AMAZON
Lanel — 6x6Deluxe Nail Drying Table - 6X6Serve 6 clients simultaneouslyCHECK ON AMAZON
J&A TableJ & A White Granite Top Nail Drying Table for Salons & Spas, JA-KM-DryA classy elongated table with a white granite top surfaceCHECK ON AMAZON
Berkeley TableBERKELEY Salon Nail Dryer Station, with Manicure and Pedicure Nail dryersA movable dark hardwood veneer tableCHECK ON AMAZON
Mayakoba AleraNail Dryer Table ALERA Salon Nail Dryer Nail Salon Furniture & EquipmentA movable linear wood veneer tableCHECK ON AMAZON

Nail drying table efficiency

Every nail drying station can have at least 3 clients sitting and drying both their fingers and their toes.

This way you can cut the drying times for at least 3 nail techs working at your salon.

And the clients can have fun chatting with each other and reading magazines while their manicures are drying.

Mayakoba Sonoma Square Nail Dryer Table

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


Mayakoba Sonoma square nail drying table is not only a functional unit but is also a wonderful piece of decor for your salon.

It’s manufactured by AYC, a Texas-based company that makes salon furniture under several brands.

This nail drying station looks so beautiful with its luxury marble top and white glossy finish!


It reminds me of a gorgeous pedestal for a Greek statue or something like that, as funny as it sounds.

Anyway, this unit is perfect for a luxury salon with modern style decor.

It’s a real showcase piece because it’s sturdy and very elegant.

And functional:

4 clients can sit comfortably around this nail dryer station and have fun chatting about their (surely positive) manicure experience.

Mayakoba Sonoma nail dryer table is equipped with both manicure and pedicure dryers.

So your clients can dry their hands and feet simultaneously.

The space where you put your hands is the one that is adorned with marble.

The dryers that this unit uses are both UV lamps and fans for fingers and toes.

And this is great!

This makes this nail drying table a very versatile piece of equipment for your salon.

UV lamps can cure most types of gel nail polishes.

And fans can dry ordinary polishes much quicker than the simple air drying process.

There are switches on each side, where you can turn a UV lamp or a fan on.

Mayakoba Sonoma square nail dryer table also has a rack for magazines that your customers can read while waiting for their nails to dry.

However, this station dries them very fast.

Still, they won’t be bored for these few minutes.

The square table is actually pretty compact and doesn’t take too much space. Its dimensions are 24”(L) x 24”(W) x 35”(H).

And if you have a spacious salon that can receive many of clients every day then you can buy several nail drying tables to work much faster without making people wait.

You can be sure your salon will get many compliments on this unit.

Lanel Deluxe Nail Drying Table — 3×3

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


Lanel is a New York-based family-owned business that was founded in 1970 by an engineer.

At that time the company was a manufacturing shop making various products.

But one day the founder accompanied his wife to a nail salon.

And he was surprised to see people just idly sitting and waiting for their manicures and pedicures to dry.

That was pretty unproductive, he thought.

So he came up with the idea of creating a device for drying nails a lot faster.

Lanel has been manufacturing various nail dryers for more than 40 years.

They are the oldest manufacturer of nail drying stations on the market.

All their units are made in the USA.

When gel nail polishes were invented, Lanel started creating UV nail dryers too.

Top product:

This Lanel nail drying station can accommodate 3 people at the same time.

The dryer has both fans and UV lamps for manicures and pedicures. It dries all kinds of nail polishes in minutes.

There is a knob for regulating the drying temperature with summer and winter settings, and an auto shut-off option.

Each dryer has a flip-top for easy cleaning and bulb replacement.

The unit comes in black silver vein and white silver vein colors.

It’s not too compact: 41.25”(L) x 24.5”(W) x 36”(H).

But you can place it against the wall to save some space.

Lanel nail drying station is nowhere near as beautiful as Mayakoba and J&A nail drying stations.

So it won’t become a nice decor piece for your salon.

This Lanel unit looks more like industrial equipment.

But it definitely does the job and does it well. It’s a very sturdy-looking appliance.


Lanel nail drying station has a sturdy body, it’s entirely made of metal.

The manufacturer refuses to install plastic parts or components on their dryers, using steel with powder coat paint instead.

In addition to that, Lanel offers a 5-year warranty on all their dryers.

Lanel states the dryers they released 15-25 years ago still work today without replacement. They basically promise they’ll never break. Now, that’s really impressive!

I think it’s a good nvestment for your salon.

Mayakoba Verona II Nail Dryer Table

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


Mayakoba Verona II square nail dryer table is nearly identical to the Mayakoba Sonoma nail drying station.

It has the same classy design, the same manicure and pedicure UV and fan dryers for 4 people on all four sides of the unit, the same measurements, and control switches, and a built-in magazine rack.

The only difference is this unit’s color. It has a lovely two-tone brown and beige hardwood veneer finish.

It also has a yellow-beige toned marble top surface, while Sonoma has a white and gray marble one.

Mayakoba Verona II nail dryer station is a great fit for a salon that has brown and cream tones in its decor or has some brown wooden furniture.

This unit is stylish and functional.

You could buy it as a beautiful contemporary centerpiece for your interior.

Mayakoba Avon I Nail Dryer Table

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


Mayakoba Avon I nail dryer table is another clone of the Mayakoba Sonoma and Mayakoba Verona dryers.

The only difference is the finish and the color of the Avon model.

It has an elegant dark-brown cherry wood finish with a gray speckled white luxury marble top.

Again, you get the same functions that allow 4 people to dry their fingers and toes at the same time, a place for keeping magazines for their entertainment, the same pretty compact measurements, and the same switch controls for the fans and the UV lamps.

This is a great modern piece of furniture for a salon that would fit an interior decorated in warm brown tones.

Lanel Deluxe Nail Drying Table – 6×6

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


This is a 6 person nail drying station.

But it’s pretty much identical to Lanel’s 3 person station.

It’s the largest nail drying table on the market.

If you have a salon that has a lot of customers every day and you want to free more time to accommodate them all, then this unit would be perfect for your business.

Lanel 6 person nail dryer station has absolutely the same features as their 3 person one.

It has dryers for both hands and feet, both fans and UV lamps, summer/winter temperature regulating knob, auto shut-off, and flip tops for easy cleaning.

It’s also made of steel, without plastic components inside.

This piece is sturdy and durable.

It has the same 5-year warranty and is expected to work without fail for many years, according to the manufacturer.

And it looks the same. Like a product of the heavy industry.

The only difference between Lanel’s two main nail dryer models is that it has 3 manicure and 3 pedicure dryers on each side. Making it a total of 6×6 dryers.

So you can’t place this unit against the wall, it would take much more space.

Its dimensions are 64″(L) x 24.5″(W) x 36″(H). And it would be a better fit for a large salon.

J&A White Granite Top Nail Drying Table

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


This J&A nail drying table is made in the USA and has a timeless and elegant modern design, with a dark brown walnut finish.

It’s a great piece of furniture for a nail salon. It resembles a classy elongated table with a white granite top surface.

The sleek top surface is durable and easy to clean.

The measurements are: 55.5″ Depth: 16″ Height: 36.5″.

Not the most compact unit.

So it would be a better fit for a larger space, although it’s pretty narrow.

J&A nail dryer would look fantastic in a salon with contemporary decor and brown wooden furniture.

It has enough capacity for 4 people to dry their manicures and pedicures.

The table has fans for hands and feet, and 8 sockets for UV lamps.

The bulbs are not included, so you must buy them separately.

This nail drying station also has two magazine racks for keeping your customers entertained during the boring nail drying process.

You’ll have to assemble the table when it arrives.

Berkeley Salon Nail Dryer Station

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


This nail drying table by AYC (the manufacturer of Mayakoba salon furniture) is somewhat similar to the J&A table, but with substantial differences.

It also has a dark hardwood veneer finish and is equipped with both manicure and pedicure dryers for serving 4 people. And it has a magazine rack on one side.

There are 8 light bulbs and 4 fans, and they are all included. You don’t need to buy them separately.

And in addition to that, this dryer has a set of four swivel caster wheels. It’s a great feature because this nail table is movable.

So you have much more flexibility with the placement of this nail dryer station.

Mayakoba Berkeley table doesn’t have a beautiful marble top surface, but it still looks sleek and elegant and would match just about any modern salon interior.

The measurements are 47”(L) x 18.5”(W) x 43”(H).

Berkeley table requires minimal assembly. You’ll only have to install the UV bulbs and the wheels.

Mayakoba Alera Nail Dryer Table

Nail dryer table, nail drying table, nail drying station, nail dryer station


This nail dryer table is part of Mayakoba’s Alera collection of fine salon furniture, which is inspired by the AYC Berkeley collection, created by the same manufacturer.

So this nail drying station resembles the Berkeley one a lot. It is movable too.

It’s a modern piece of furniture that would be ideal for a contemporary salon.

Alera table has a linear wood design finish (real hardwood veneer) with chrome accents.

This table can also dry manicures and pedicures for 4 people with fans or UV lights. The bulbs also come with the unit.

Its dimensions are: 47.3″(L) x 13.8″(W) x 37.5″(H).

Nail drying station

Nail dryer station is an amazing device for a busy salon.

It can boost the efficiency of your business a lot.

So a unit like this is worth every penny.

You can even cut costs because you don’t need to buy several separate dryers.

You can quickly get people out of salon by cutting the drying time of their manicures and pedicures.

It would really improve the customer experience.

And the clients would be happier, so you’ll get a better word of mouth.

Many clients even believe that any serious salon should have a nail drying station, and the absence of this appliance can be a deal-breaker for some people.

Nail techs are also happy that customers can dry their manicure at a convenient table without messing their work.

Boost earnings:

Any nail drying station can serve 3-6 people at the same time.

That way you can get more clients, make more appointments, and earn more money every day.

You just need to allocate a bit of extra space for a nail drying table and for several chairs around it. And most units don’t take too much space.

Perfect decor:

You can make your choice based on the color and style of a drying table that would fit your salon best.

Many dryers are so beautiful that they only improve the overall look and feel of the salon.

All the drying stations are now equipped with both UV lamps and drying fans.

So you can dry any nail coating using them, from gel nail polishes to ordinary polishes.

And nail dryers make the procedure less boring for the clients.

Most units have a magazine rack built in too.

So the customers can have fun reading about the latest beauty trends and chatting with other clients. Even though the drying times get cut substantially, and they won’t really have too much time for having fun.

That’s why a nail drying station is a very nice investment that would upgrade your salon and raise your earning potential.

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