Best Nail Colors: How To Build A Perfect Gel Nail Polish Collection

If you want to do gel nails at home but don’t know how to build your own gel nail polish collection then here is the list of the best and most popular nail colors that will help you create your DIY gel manicure kit.

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors

The first building blocks for this collection should be a few color polishes, a gel base coat, and a gel top coat.

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Base coat

Aimeili Gel Base Coat And Top Coat

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


The base coat helps gel polish to adhere to the natural nail plate.

At the same time, it protects the nail plate from the color polish.

For example, it can prevent the nails from yellowing that some polish pigments may cause.

The base coat is usually clear.

But some brands create colored base coats, for example, rubber base coats.

They have a nice neutral color that you can wear on its own even without a color polish on top.

And a few brands mix the base coat with the color coat in one bottle. So you have one step less in your gel manicure routine.

Top coat

The top coat seals your gel manicure, protects it, and helps it stay on your nails longer.

In addition to that, it makes your manicure really shine.

The traditional glossy top coat makes your nails beautiful and lustrous.

Gel manicure looks glossier than a regular lacquer manicure.

However, gel polish manufacturers also let you opt for a matte look.

You can create this effect with a matte top coat.

Beetles No Wipe Matte Top Coat

Beetles Gel No Wipe Matte Top Coat - Soak Off Nail Lamp Gel Nail Polish Matte Finish and Long Lasting for Christmas Gift Set Gel Nail Kit


Get a gel nail polish kit

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit With Lamp

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


The easiest way to build a nail polish collection is to get a gel nail polish kit that includes all the starter products you may need.

Look for a kit that has the best nail colors for you to choose from, plus a base coat and a top coat.

Usually, the top coat that comes with a gel nail polish kit is glossy.

But some kits may contain a matte top coat too.

Many kits include a UV/LED nail lamp that works especially well with gel nail polishes from the same brand.

Color polishes

If you want to build your own collection of color polishes then you need to think about the occasions you would like to wear your gel nails to.

For example, your work dress code may require neutral colors. Or you may want to get a few bright hues for a resort vacation.

You also need to think about what the best nail colors are that match the key colors of your wardrobe.

Best universal nail colors

Beetles Gel Nail Polish Set

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


The best universal nail polish colors are red, pink, white, beige or light pastel pink, and black.

Red is hands down the most popular and glamorous nail color.

It goes surprisingly well with everything.

It fits any look from an evening gown to a jeans and t-shirt combination.

And it matches any skin tone.

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set — Glamour Reds

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


Red is available in a ton of shades — warm, cold, dark, light, etc.

Just select the one you like the most.

Pink is a cute shade that is always popular.

If your pink polish isn’t too bright and gaudy you can wear pink nails every day.

White is a clean canvas for any nail art and also goes well with everything. It also lets you create a French manicure smile line.

Beige and light pink are the best neutral nail colors that will be suitable even for the strictest dress code. They also match any outfit and occasion and serve as the perfect base for a French manicure.

Black is more edgy and glamorous but has become a new neutral that is universally acceptable. However, it may not fit a strict dress code.

Black nail polish is great as a background for foil and diamonds.

You can also add gold and silver glitters to this set of universal nail polishes.

They are perfect for creating nail art and for dressing your nails up for a special occasion.

So these are the basic and most popular nail colors that you can start your polish collection with.

If you want to expand this basic set here are some ideas.

Best nude gel nail polish colors

Gellen Pinks And Nudes Gel Nail Polish Set

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


If you need to adapt your manicure to a certain dress code or just prefer a low-key look for your nails then there’s nothing better than a nude gel nail polish.

Nude can mean quite a large range of colors.

The most popular nude nail colors range from light brown, to grey, to light peach, to light pink, to beige.

Choose what you like and what fits your personal style best.

French manicure

Beetles French Tips Gel Nail Polish Kit

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


A timeless and totally universal idea for doing your nails is the French manicure.

It only requires two colors — white for the tip and a neutral light pink to serve as the base color.

You can also use peach or beige as the base. But pink is one of the best nail colors for a French manicure.

If you can’t decide which colors to get or just want to keep your collection small in the beginning, buy the two French manicure polishes — white and light pink.

These are the most popular French manicure nail colors. They will get you covered for absolutely all occasions and all looks and styles.

They match anything perfectly.

Not to mention that the French manicure is the most popular style for a wedding.

Best spring, summer, and resort vacation nail colors

Beetles Pack of 23 Rainbow Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


Spring and summer, as well as resort vacations, call for bright and vibrant hues.

Hot pink, yellow, cerulean blue, turquoise, orange, and coral are the traditional and best spring/summer colors. You can even wear neon versions of these hues.

They look perfect with light and colorful dresses, straw hats, beach bags, flip flops, swimsuits, coral and turquoise jewelry.

Best fall and winter nail colors

Makartt 22 Fall Winter Color Gel Nail Polish Set

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


Fall and winter colors are usually dark and muted.

These are the hues you see all over the runways for F/W collections.

They look great with winter coats and accessories, and heavier fabrics.

For example, you can wear colors of the autumn leaves like dark red, burgundy, dark brownish orange.

The classy deep blues, greens, and purples are also the best nail colors for the cold season.

You don’t have to wear navy, burgundy, purple, and dark green only in the winter.

They match any chic and elegant outfits, especially business suits, worn all the year round.

These colors are the epitome of luxury.

Nail polishes with effects

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set

Modelones Glitter Gel Nail Polish - Cat Eye Gel Nail Polishes Black Blue LED Gel Nail Polish Set Temperature Color Changing Gel Polish Nail Art Starter Kit for Beginner Soak Off DIY at Home


There are gel nail polishes with special effects on the market that will help you create amazing party nails.

Or you can wear them when you just want to stand out from the crowd.

Magnetic gel nail polishes include special particles that react to a magnet tool and make your nails look like cat eye stones.

Mood-changing gel nail polishes change color with the temperature and create a pretty gradient on your nails.

Vrenmol Glow in the Dark Gel Nail Polish

Vrenmol Glow in the Dark Gel Nail Polish Neon Shellac Nail Gel polish Soak Off UV Glow Effect Nail Polish Fluorescent Bright Colors Lacquer Nail Art - 6 PCS 8 ML


Glow in the dark polishes are great for night clubs because they really do glow in the dark.

There are also holographic, mermaid, and glitter polishes that will help you to decorate your nails.

Best holiday nail colors

Beetles New Year Kit Sparkle Gel Nail Polish Set

Best nail colors, most popular nail colors


The most popular colors for Christmas are the festive combination of red and green, plus gold and silver glitters.

Use white for creating nail art accents or as a background for Christmas nail art and stickers.

You can buy a special Christmas gift set of polishes to use for the Holiday season or to give to a loved one.

So here were all the best nail colors that you can use for building your collection of gel nail polishes. Have fun!

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