10 Best Gold Sheet Mask Products That’ll Feel Like A Treat

There’s no skincare ingredient that screams luxury more than real gold. In fact, gold is very good for your skin. The easiest way to feel like a million dollars by treating yourself to a gold facial at home is getting a gold sheet mask.

And here are the best gold sheet masks on the market:

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SNP Gold CollagenSNP - Gold Collagen Ampoule Anti-Aging Korean Face Sheet Mask - Plumps & Tightens Using Real 24K Gold for All Skin Types - 10 Sheets24K gold and collagen firming maskCHECK ON AMAZON
SNP Gold SuperchargedSNP - Gold Supercharged Korean Face Sheet Mask - Firming & Tightening Using Real 24K Gold for All Skin Types - 10 Sheets - Best Gift Idea for Mom, Girlfriend, Wife, Her, WomenGold pigment essence anti-aging maskCHECK ON AMAZON
DoppeltreeGold Facial Mask - Premium Hydrogel Sheet Face Masks for Skin Care & Beauty, Hydrating & Anti Aging - Facemask with Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & 24k Nano Gold - Formulated in San FranciscoNon-toxic and cruelty-free mask with 24K gold nanoparticlesCHECK ON AMAZON
DERMALDERMAL Gold Collagen Essence Facial Mask Sheet 23g Pack of 10 - Anti Aging & Moisturizing, Deep Tissue Rejuvenation, Daily Skin Treatment Solution Sheet MaskColloidal gold antioxidant maskCHECK ON AMAZON
AZUREAZURE 24K Gold & Collagen Firming Facial Sheet Mask - Moisturizing, Lifting & Illuminating | Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles & | Tones, Smooths & Evens Skin Tone | Made in Korea - 5 Pack24K gold firming mask, non-toxic and cruelty-freeCHECK ON AMAZON
AZURE Rose GoldRose Gold Luxury Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask - Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles | Combats Skin Damage | Helps Restore Natural Skin Tone - 5 PackGold and rosehip oil anti-acne mask, non-toxic and cruelty-freeCHECK ON AMAZON
MasqueologyMasqueology Collagen Hydro Gel GoldMask, 12 Count2-part firming and anti-inflammatory hydrogel mask with goldCHECK ON AMAZON
Papa RecipePapa Recipe Bombee Sheet Mask, Korean moisturizing honey mask pack for dehydrated and sensitive skin. 5 sheets (Rosegold)Honey and 24K gold brightening mask with a high concentration of goldCHECK ON AMAZON
CLAIR BEAUTYCLAIR BEAUTY 24K Gold & Collagen Firming Facial Sheet Mask - Moisturizing, Lifting & Illuminating | Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles & | Tones, Smooths & Evens Skin Tone | Made in Korea - 5 PackGold and collagen firming mask, non-toxic and cruelty-freeCHECK ON AMAZON
Miss SpaMiss Spa Illuminating 24K Gold Facial Sheet Mask Set, Antioxidant-Rich Peptides, Hydrated Glowing Complexion, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Care for Women, 4-PackHydrating gold maskCHECK ON AMAZON

Best gold sheet mask brands

SNP – Gold Collagen Ampoule Anti-Aging Korean Face Sheet Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


SNP is a Korean beauty brand based on the treatments created at the SNP skin clinic in Seoul.

The Gold Collagen Ampoule mask contains 0.3mg of real 24K gold and 1,000 mg of pig hide collagen.

This mask gives a real collagen boost to your skin.

The gold used in the mask’s essence helps the skin produce its own collagen.

And the fine particles of gold quickly penetrate the skin and help it absorb more collagen from the essence.

This product enhances the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

It will leave your face firm, smooth, soft, and youthful-looking.

The cellulose sheet fits the face snuggly, which also helps absorption.

There are 11 masks in the package.

This set would make a nice luxury gift to your loved ones.

SNP – Gold Supercharged Korean Face Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


This is another SNP gold-based sheet mask that you can use to get a luxury facial at home.

The mask is drenched in a liquid that the manufacturer calls a supercharged gold essence.

One of the components of this product is the Gold (CI 77480) cosmetic ingredient, which is a real gold pigment.

In addition to being a colorant, it does increase the skin’s elasticity, offers protection against the negative effects of UV rays, and has an anti-aging effect.

The essence also contains a blend of botanic ingredients that clean out pores and purify the skin.

This mask will leave your face glowing, firm, and rejuvenated.

The set contains 10 masks.

Doppeltree Gold Face Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


Doppeltree is an American company that manufactures cosmetics with clean and natural ingredients.

Their cosmetics are non-toxic and are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, etc.

All their products are also cruelty-free and have a Leaping Bunny certificate to prove that they are never tested on animals.

The Gold facial mask by Doppeltree contains 24K nano-active gold or gold nanoparticles.

These particles have been used as drug carriers in medicine. And now they’ve made their way into cosmetics.

Gold nanoparticles in this mask serve as a carrier of collagen into the skin.

Gold also acts as an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and improves its elasticity.

The mask’s essence contains collagen and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C corrects dark spots, heals blemishes, and improves the complexion.

DERMAL Gold Collagen Essence Facial Mask Sheet 23g Pack of 10

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


Dermal is another Korean skincare company that uses gold as a key ingredient in its products.

The gold collagen essence used in this mask contains colloidal gold.

It’s a suspension of gold nanoparticles in liquid.

Colloidal gold is a star ingredient in today’s beauty industry because it’s an excellent carrier and antioxidant.

Gold nanoparticles help to deliver other ingredients into the innermost layers of the skin.

This helps to rejuvenate the skin and to activate its production of new cells.

The gold sheet mask comes in a 10-piece pack.

You can also buy the Dermal gold sheet mask as part of the 24-piece set along with other treatments.

AZURE 24K Gold & Collagen Firming Sheet Face Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


Azure Korean gold sheet mask contains 24K gold, collagen, hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil, and vitamins.

This mask hydrates, nourishes, and softens the skin.

It also illuminates dull skin.

This product is suitable for any skin type, including oily and combination ones.

The mask is safe, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

It’s paraben, dye, GMO, phthalate, and filler-free.

This set contains 5 masks.

AZURE Rose Gold Luxury Hydrating Sheet Face Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


Azure also manufactures a Rose Gold Hydrating sheet mask with gold and rosehip oil.

This mask is great for oily and acne-prone skin because rosehip oil is effective against inflammations and blemishes.

This product is free from toxins too and is not tested on animals.

There are 5 sheets in the Rose Gold mask set.

Masqueology – Wild Rose Gold Hydro-Gel Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


Masqueology is a US-based brand of South Korea-inspired beauty products.

The Masqueology Wild Rose Gold mask comes in form of two hydrogel sheets.

One sheet is for the top half of the face and the second sheet is for the bottom half.

This mask contains gold and collagen for making the skin firm, elastic, and hydrated.

It also contains rose extract that has anti-inflammatory properties.

The mask has a very pleasant scent.

There are 12 hydrogel masks in this set.

Papa Recipe Bombee Rose Gold Honey Mask

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask


Papa Recipe is another Korean skincare products manufacturer.

The company is known for its honey skincare line.

Honey extract is a great moisturizer and a natural antiseptic that calms acne-prone skin and prevents new breakouts.

In addition to honey, this mask contains 24K gold in a 100 PPM concentration.

PPM stands for parts per million.

100 PPM is a very good concentration for such an expensive component as gold.

Gold enhances the skin’s elasticity and radiance.

And another notable ingredient used in this product is rose extract which is another antiseptic that’s effective against blemishes.

The sheets are quite thick and are covered in a gold honeycomb pattern. All this, according to the manufacturer, makes the mask fit better and improves the absorption of the gold and honey essence.

There are 5 sheets in this set.

CLAIR BEAUTY 24K Gold & Collagen Firming Sheet Face Mask

CLAIR BEAUTY 24K Gold & Collagen Firming Facial Sheet Mask - Moisturizing, Lifting & Illuminating | Reduces Fine Lines, Wrinkles & | Tones, Smooths & Evens Skin Tone | Made in Korea - 5 Pack


Clair Beauty sheet masks are made in South Korea and have 24K gold on their list of ingredients.

The masks also contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, and orange fruit extract.

All these ingredients stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen, moisturize the skin, and reduce fine lines.

The manufacturer promised that their masks are natural, GMO, paraben, dye, and phthalate-free.

They are also cruelty-free. However, they may not be vegan because they contain collagen.

You get 5 masks in one package.

Miss Spa Illuminating 24K Gold Face Mask Set

Miss Spa Illuminating 24K Gold Facial Sheet Mask Set, Antioxidant-Rich Peptides, Hydrated Glowing Complexion, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Care for Women, 4-Pack


Miss Spa is another Korean beauty-inspired American company.

Their gold sheet mask contains 24K gold and antioxidants that all improve the skin’s radiance and protect it from negative environmental factors.

The mask will hydrate your face and leave it glowing after 20 minutes of use.

There are 4 sheets in this pack.

What is a gold sheet mask?

Gold sheet mask, Gold sheet masks, Gold facial mask

A gold sheet mask is a fabric mask with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

This mask carries a special serum that contains a tiny bit of real gold.

When you apply this sheet onto your face and hold it for 20-30 minutes the serum starts working on your skin.

Sheet masks are all the rage now.

They are extremely easy to use and make absolutely no mess.

These masks also have just the right amount of serum to have an amazing instant effect on your skin and make it smooth, radiant, and beautiful.

Gold sheet masks are especially popular in the Korean beauty industry.

Gold in cosmetics

Gold has been used for making masks since ancient times.

There’s a legend that Cleopatra often applied an overnight mask made of gold to look younger and to make her skin firmer and her complexion more beautiful.

Gold is now often used in cosmetics because it helps your skin produce collagen.

Collagen is a protein that is an essential component of the skin’s connective tissues.

It strengthens the skin, improves its elasticity, and hydration.

However, your skin generates less collagen as you age.

That’s why everyone needs luxurious skincare that assists the skin in producing collagen.

Not to mention that gold sheet masks look much more beautiful than other masks.

How and when should I use a gold sheet mask?

Korean 10-step skincare routine has become the gold standard of beauty.

It consists of these steps:

  • Oil cleanser
  • Foam/cream cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Toner
  • Essence
  • Ampoule/Serum
  • Sheet Mask
  • Eye Cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Each product has its special purpose and all of them combined are capable of healing even the most problematic skin, fighting aging, and making the face look smooth and radiant.

You don’t have to use only Korean products for this routine. You can mix and match.

The routine must be performed two times a day.

You can incorporate a gold sheet mask either into your morning or evening skincare routine.

Or you can just apply it when you have a bit of time for pampering yourself.

How to apply the gold sheet mask?

Cool the mask

You may want to cool your mask before using it.

Cooling has a very nice calming and refreshing effect on the skin, especially if you live in a hot climate.

A cool mask also reduces puffiness of the face.

That’s why you may want to store your unopened sheet masks in a fridge, just like you do with many other skincare products.

This also extends the shelf life of the mask and keeps the gold serum fresh.

You should never keep your masks in the hot and humid environment of the bathroom.

Mini-fridge for cooling and storing cosmetics

AstroAI Mini-Fridge

AstroAI Mini Fridge, 4 Liter/6 Can AC/DC Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer Refrigerators for Skincare, Beverage, Home, Dorm, Office and Car, ETL Listed (White)


However, storing cosmetics in a kitchen fridge is not as nice as having a dedicated mini fridge for all your masks, creams, serums, etc.

Even though it’s small, this fridge has enough space for all the necessary beauty products for your 10-step skincare routines.

It also maintains the right temperature for keeping cosmetics fresh and cool.

The mini-fridge looks nice and is very compact, so you can keep it on your vanity table. In addition to that, it’s really easy to use.

Cleanse the face before using the mask

The first and essential step in the Korean skincare routine is always cleansing.

Cleansing removes makeup, dirt, oils from your skin and prepares it for the application of other skincare products.

You can’t skip cleansing. Or your skin’s condition will deteriorate and you’ll start having breakouts and irritation.

Also, fresh skincare products simply won’t work if applied to unclean skin.

In the full 10-step routine, the cleansing stage takes 2 steps.

Oil cleanser is used for removing makeup. And foam cleanser is needed for deeper purification.

Dry the face after you’ve rinsed the foam off before you move on to the next step.

Apply toner and essence

Apply preparatory products such as the toner and essence before you use the gold sheet mask.

These products are also essential steps in the Korean skincare routine.

They act as carriers for the mask’s serum and moisturizer that you apply after the mask.

Place the gold sheet mask on your face

First, you need to open the packet with the sheet mask and unfold it.

Use the mask immediately after opening it.

If you don’t use it right away it may dry out and will have no effect.

So as soon as you have taken the mask out of the packaging apply it to your face with the holes aligned against the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The mask only works if it has very good contact with the skin.

Smooth the mask out with your fingers to make it stick to the face well.

Make sure your skin isn’t damaged or irritated before you apply it though.

Don’t use the gold sheet mask on the skin that’s covered with blemishes, breakouts, pimples, or sunburns.

Keep the mask on your face

Most sheet masks should stay on your face for about 10-20 minutes.

For best results, wait for the amount of time indicated on the mask’s packaging.

If it says 20 minutes then that’s the right time to keep it on your skin.

Don’t overuse a sheet mask, don’t use it overnight, and don’t let it dry on your face.

When a mask dries up it will start draining the moisture from your skin instead of retaining it.

Remove the gold sheet mask

After the time has run out, you need to remove the sheet from your face.

Do it by gently peeling it from the bottom and the sides.

Unlike a peel-off mask, a sheet mask usually goes off easily and doesn’t cause any pain or unpleasant sensations at all.

When you peel the sheet mask off you’ll find that there’s some serum left on your skin.

You don’t need to wash it off. Instead, gently pat it in until it gets absorbed by the skin.

Toss the sheet away. The mask can’t be reused.

After that, you can move on to the next steps, such as applying the moisturizer, cream, sunscreen, etc.

How often should I use a gold sheet mask?

It’s fine to use a gold sheet mask every day unless your skin is too sensitive.

However, 2 or 3 times a week is the usual frequency when it comes to sheet masks.

This will be enough to achieve great results and make your skin firm, smooth, and healthy.

Using it two times a day both during your morning and evening routines may be overkill. I don’t recommend it.

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