My name is Olga Davydova. I’m a professional beauty writer with diplomas in nail materials chemistry, professional nail technology, and nail art and design (Sculpting French Manicure Nail Extensions with Gels and Polygels Diploma + Chemistry of Acrylates Diploma (Gel Nail Polish Products, Gels, Acrylics) + Commercial Nail Designs Certificate). So I have a chance to test all kinds of beauty products and salon equipment in order to share my findings with you.

I’m also an artist/designer and I’ve created the logo character for this site. The character is named Sweet Angel Bird ® and means a lot to me.

It’s a tiny kawaii baby Firebird. She is a cute magical fairytale character that has a flame of candle fire on her head that will warm your heart and fill it with light and joy. Sweet Angel Bird ® is a symbol of good luck, happiness and dreams.

Sweet Angel Bird’s ® name is Capitolina ®. It means “majestic” and “regal” in Latin, it stems from the Latin word “capita” (“head”).

I’m planning to release a cosmetics line under this character brand.

Beauty, fashion, jewelry and giftware character art brand Sweet Angel Bird ® immerses you in a beautiful, delicate and cozy atmosphere of a fairytale, full of brightness, magic and sparkle. Each unique, super cute, stylish and colorful piece delivers an experience of delight and wonder.

Copyright © Olga Davydova. All Rights Reserved. Sweet Angel Bird ® is an internationally registered trademark of Olga Davydova.